The World's First Blockchain Based Mesh Network Router

Featuring Smart Raiden offline payment technology, Spectrum blockchain compatibility and multiple cryptocurrency mining capabilities

Spectrum is a next-generation blockchain that extends its range into Mesh networks and offline geographies

Based on the SmartMesh protocol, MeshBox will feature decentralized open source hardware and protocols allowing for multiple cryptocurrency mining capabilities. MeshBox combines Mesh network routing with content storage and distribution functionalities.

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Indoor version(For registration only)


MeshBox combines Mesh network routing with content storage and distribution functionalities

Owning one, anybody can be a distributed network operator

Built-in Omnidirectional Antenna, Adds Signal Stability and More Connvenient Transmission [*Please refer to the “Product Release” column on the web page for detailed parameters.]
Interface: WAN Interface: 1 10/100/1000Mbps WAN port
Ethernet Interface: 2 10/100/1000Mbps LAN ports
USB Interface: 1 USB3.0 interface
Hard Disk Interface: 1 SATA3.0 interface
Wi-Fi Specifications: Network Standards: IEEE 802.11a, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.11ac wave2
Maximum Transmission Rate: 2.4GHz WiFi 4×4 (Max. Rate 800Mbps) 5GHz WiFi 4×4 (Max. Rate 1733Mbps)
Antenna Type: Omni-directional Antenna
Number of Antennas: 8
Basic Parameters: CPU: Intel Platform 1.6GHz up to 2.24 GHz
Built in Hard Disk: 256GB SSD
Product Size: 264.3×160×160mm

Outdoor version(For registration only)


MeshBox combines Mesh network routing with content storage and distribution functionalities

Owning one, anybody can be a distributed network operator

Built-in Solar Battery Panel, Easy to Deploy in Any Geography
Network Standards: IEEE 802.11(a/b/g/n/ac)、4*4
Maximum Transmission Rate: 2.6Gbps
Frequency Range: 2.4G Wi-Fi 4x4(maximum rate 800Mbps)、5G Wi-Fi 4x4(maximum rate 1733Mbps)
Antenna Type: Built-in 4 antennas
Battery Type: Built-in battery.
CPU: Qualcomm Atheros、IPQ8065 1.7GHz DualCore
Built in Hard Disk: 100GB SSD
Product Size 280*203*51mm

MeshBox content storage and distribution

Shared storage

Extend and optimize the IPFS protocol allowing everyone to access shared storage

Content sharing

Leveraging CDN style technology; resources such as files, videos, and pictures can be streamed and downloaded at high, stable speeds from any location

Information security

Mesh Assembled LAN, data encryption, personal privacy protection, corporate privacy

Low-cost networking

Everyone can run a business as a Mesh network operator, simultaneously granting network access to billions of people across the world who previously could not connect

Mesh network routing anytime, anywhere

Mesh network routing anytime, anywhere

A deployed MeshBox will add stability to any established Mesh network.

Wide coverage

a wider range of coverage than mobile phones.

“Zero-distance” global routing sharing

“Short distance route sharing ” sets up convenient and high-speed network hotspots, suitable for the construction of Internet of Things; “Long distance route sharing” realizes cross region and globalized route sharing.

Bandwidth sharing

MeshBox can choose to contribute bandwidth to the mesh networks, and it will be rewarded according to throughput of data transmission flow.

Off-chain payments, offline payments and cross-chain payments, all of them are at the consumers’ disposal

The built-in Smart Raiden node combines with Mesh networks and realizes “light speed” payments any time and any place. It’s compatible with Ethereum, which makes cross-chain payments possible.

Mine Tokens Easily


Earn MESH by sharing data flow and content and contributing hard disk space and data resources

Earn SMT

Earn SMT by sharing bandwidth, acting as an off-chain payment node, or DAPP’s participation node

MeshBox Vision

Realizing the Internet of Things and Internet of Everything

MeshBox adds support and functionality to Mesh networks composed of numerous nodes, enabling high-speed, stable data transmissions (photos, videos, files etc.) and transactions between nodes. These operations are generally free and do not depend on the Internet. MeshBox will promote the decentralized realization of the Internet of Things and ultimately achieve the Internet of Everything.

MeshBox can act as a gateway for satellite internet to reach nodes in the mesh networks making connectivity ubiquitous

MeshBox can establish wide-ranging networks by integrating with near-earth satellites (such as SpaceX and Beidou) in an environmentally friendly way, aiming to connect the half of the world's population that have no Internet access.

MeshBox is a key hardware device in the closed-loop SmartMesh ecosystem -- by owning one, anybody can be a distributed network operator

SmartMesh is an underlying protocol of the next generation network of value, a “TCP/IP” type protocol that works based on tokens.MeshBox will build the next generation of standards for distributed routing and storage devices based on the SmartMesh protocol.MeshBox combines routing and content storage, with mining capabilities allowing owners to be network operators.

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