MeshBox Weekly update (2018.9.03 — -2018.9.09)

Last weekend, the Ethereum Industrial Development Summit was held in Hong Kong. Besides discussing the future of ethereum, “promoting the integration of underlying technologies and industries” has also become an important topic of this conference.

MeshBox is a hardware device combining blockchain and Mesh network which has a strong underlying protocol. The device will play an active role in improving the blockchain ecosystem and promoting the integration of traditional industries in the future.

The main achievements of MeshBox project in the last week is summarized as followed:



1. The MeshBox project team produced the latest version of the MeshBox device prototype. The team conducted a follow-up optimization meeting on the sample device to determine the main direction of optimization.

The success of running the SmartMesh public chain Spectrum and SmartRaiden into MeshBox means that MeshBox already has the basic ability to support the large ecology of Mesh network. In the future, the project team will detect and analyze the operational status of SmartMesh public chain Spectrum and SmartRaiden running on MeshBox to ensure the integration of the three.


The development of basic functions of the meshwork device’s APP has been completed, and the basic network control of meshwork device hardware has been realized by using the APP. After the completion of the prototype test, the next step of adjustment and coordination will be carried out. After completing all the function of the app, the APP will have the function of MeshBox remote control. Even if the users do not master the hardware technology, they can easily control MeshBox through the APP.

The background function of intelligent device management is basically developed, and the next stage of research and development will be carried out after the prototype test.


1. MeshBox and SmartMesh attended the Global Intelligent Economy Summit (Smart City Expo China 2018) and won the Best Innovation Award. MeshBox successfully attracted the attention of global network technology visitors.

2. Last week, the marketing team responded to the topics of concern to the community friends through various discussions in the community, one-on-one private chat, and message reply. For those who have just joined MeshBox community, the marketing team also introduced them to the project concept to help them understand the value of MeshBox.

3. The SmartMesh public chain mapping has been launched. As the first ecosystem project of its public chain, MeshBox’s attention has also continued to increase. At present, the MeshBox token “MESH” is temporarily not mapped, and friends holding the MESH Token can continue to use the wallet that use to save the MESH.

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* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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