MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.9.10 — — 2018.9.16)

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the latest edition of the MeshBox Weekly Update.

The research and development focus of MeshBox project last week fell into the linkage work with our partner MeshBox ++. Once the linkage of Meshbox ++ is realized, the MeshBox will officially realize the barrier-free connection between the indoor and the outdoor version. With the cooperative deployment of Meshbox around the world, it will become a reality to establish blockchain mesh network to cover a big area of the world.

Let’s check out the latest developments in the MeshBox Project:



1. The technical team analyzed the outdoor operation of the Mesh++ and studied the running code and networking program provided by Mesh++ in order to make the MeshBox connect better to Mesh++. Later, it will be further tested with Mesh++, and the adaptation status of MeshBox and Mesh++ will be tested.

2. Promoting the technical certification of MeshBox and related matters that related to the laboratory certification.

3. Promote MeshBox technology certification and related issues to laboratory docking certification.

4. Test the function of MeshBox network and achieved complete success.

5. MeshBox will participate in the Philippines event with SmartMesh, and it plans to demonstrate multiple functions of MeshBox on site. The technical team has already prepared for this.


1. The research and development of the MeshBox APP continue, and the function of adding and saving the MeshBox to the album was completed last week to facilitate users to use it.

2. Accelerate the development progress of relevant supporting software of the MeshBox APP, and clarify the official requirements on software quality.


1. MeshBox is very popular in southeast Asian countries and receives the offers for cooperation from large-scale network equipment operators. The other side believes that deploying MeshBox in southeast Asian countries will bring more vitality to the region. The marketing team has made preliminary communication with the other party and summarized the key topics for communication between both parties.

2. Q4 is the stage of mass production of MeshBox. Corresponding product information, characteristics, activities, and other materials are being prepared to ensure the smooth listing of MeshBox.

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* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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