MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.9.17 — — 2018.9.23)

MeshBox research and development work is almost done. last week work, the R&D team conducted the final test and optimization of MeshBox networking functions and made a lot of optimizations in terms of software usability and background security stability. MeshBox It getting closer and closer to enter in public.



1. The technical team completed the MeshBox topology optimization and adjusted the WiFi configuration information. After adjustment, MeshBox can adapt to the widely used WiFi in daily life, and the networking becomes more convenient. In addition, the technical team is writing code to map the network topology to prepare for further network optimization.

2. Through multi-rounds of test verification, the current MeshBox 5GMesh and 2GMesh message intercommunication verification are all successful. The technical team also added mac node connections and filtering types to display features such as different network types.

3. Providing nodes for the blockchain Mesh network which established by SmartMesh is one of MeshBox missions. Therefore, the technical team adjusted the MeshBox operation of the public chain “Spectrum” to make the MeshBox and Spectrum more closely match.

4. Test and run smart lightning off-network payment and transfer on MeshBox, and communicate with the lightning team to optimize the intelligent lightning startup script to ensure the stable operation of smart lightning on MeshBox.

5. MeshBox MESH incentive policy has been initially determined, users can get MESH rewards by contributing broadband, building blockchain Mesh network, and forwarding data packets. The detailed MESH allocation method and allocation ratio are further refined after further discussion.

6. The MeshBox(hardware) for the Philippines site demonstration is ready and waiting for the delivery of the logistics. MeshBox will perform live demonstrations in the Philippines from Oct 11 to 12, 2018.


The technical team assessed the completion degree of various functions of the MeshBox APP and made the detailed schedule of the follow-up development needs to ensure the quality and quantity of the APP development.


The technical team evaluated the completion level of all aspects of the MeshBox APP and detailed the follow-up development requirements to ensure the quality and quantity of the APP research and development work.


1. On September 19, 2018, the ‘Artificial Intelligence 3.0 Technology Exchange Conference’ was held in Beijing. Representatives of the MeshBox project attended the conference and exchanged the value of MeshBox with AI3.0 founder David A. Cohen and Ambassador of global blockchain Mr “Willson Lee”.

When talking about AI 3.0, David A. Cohen will use MeshBox which based on the SmartMesh ecosystem as a blockchain network technology that can adapt to AI 3.0 technology for a long time in the future. This gives MeshBox more opportunities to participate in the world’s top projects.

Willson Lee, the global blockchain ambassador, starts with bitcoin and believes that decentralized bitcoin is still in the largest centralized communication environment on the Internet but MeshBox, which is parallel to the Internet to realize the decentralization of AD hoc network, is a real decentralized blockChain ecology.

2. From October 11 to 12th, MeshBox will go to the Philippines for a live demonstration, and the marketing team has already started the preliminary publicity work for the demonstration.

3. From the perspective of market operation and development, the marketing team conducts in-depth exchanges with the technical team, and the two parties jointly determine the initial incentive policy of the MESH Token.

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*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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