MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.9.24 — — 2018.9.30)

October is a month that we are looking forward to, MeshBox will travel to the Philippines for live demonstrations and our MeshBox will be mass-produced (Layer 0). SmartMesh opens the ecosystem door of a complete virtual world through the blockchain and MeshBox is the gateway from human reality to the virtual world.

Note: based on the idea of hierarchical management of computer network and standardized design of each layer, the blockchain is combined with the traditional Internet OSI model. Three levels of the hierarchy are established: Layer0 layer of data transmission layer and Layer1 layer of on-chainThe public Chain itself (bottom ledger) layer and Layer2 layer off-chain extensibility (application extension) layer. (cited from the Huobi blockchainIndustry report)

Let’s wait patiently for the Philippines demonstration from October 11th to 12th, 2018.


1. Upgrade the Mesh_topo and Mesh Config configuration scripts of MeshBox to improve the running speed of MeshBox. At the same time, the hardware Mac was uniformly modified, and the current MeshBox was matched with a Mac.

2. Modified MeshBox blockchain Mesh network layout function code. After modifying the blockchain Mesh network, the networking became more powerful and the response speed is enhanced.

3. Modify the details of the asynchronous load when filtering. The previous version does not affect the normal operation of the MeshBox, and the new version greatly improves the operational stability of the MeshBox.

4. The network topology of MeshBox has been drawn and will be tested against the drawing this week. Afterward, the team will gradually optimize the networking functions based on the test results.

5. Tested the mobile phone and MeshBox to establish a channel through the actual operation mode and achieved success.

6. The refinement of the MESH incentive policy has been initially completed. After technical and market discussions, a three-dimensional reward mechanism consisting of networking, exporting and operating was determined and the distribution form and declining period of the block rewards were also determined. The team will also conduct a simulated reward test to ensure that the MESH rewards are fair and just.


1. Worked with SmartMesh SamrtRaiden team to update the SmartRaiden code and compile the latest version. The latest version of SmartRaiden runs very well on MeshBox and successfully completes the off-chain payment test.

2. In order to cooperate with this Philippine demonstration, the team conducted the actual use test of the foreground and background programs that the demo needs to use and the test results all run normally, in line with expectations.

1. The marketing team is basically carried out around the Philippines demonstration, event docking, promotional material production, venue booth, design, and on-site staffing. The team members go all out and proceed smoothly according to the plan.
2.The mass production of MeshBox is imminent, and the team makes a clear plan to promote the incentive policy of running MeshBox. At present, the initial work has been completed and will be finally brought to market after final confirmation.

If you want to know more about MeshBox, Then keep your eyes on the MeshBox Weekly updates!

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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