MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.10.08 — — 2018.10.14)

In the last week, the MeshBox team has been making the final push for mass production. The team is well aware of what the fans expect, so we are more cautious and steadily moving forward. At present, and the functional testing is near to end, and the progress is smooth.

Marketing: Dr. Peter Yan, chief scientist of MeshBox, and Dr. Henry Wang the founder of SmartMesh, traveled to Manila, the capital city of Philippines, to attend the 2018 blockchain Asia summit. till now both of them still in the Philippines for various projects. From Beijing to Manila to Davao, the Philippines has prospered its economy with the help of SmartMesh and MeshBox technologies, promoting China-Philippines friendship.

From the President’s counselor to the President’s special envoy to the deputy mayor of Samal related to specific projects, all of them help the implementation of the Meshbox project on the basis of the above consensus. We are confident and make an impression on the world!


1. Obtain the configuration information of blockchain Mesh network on the original topology data and consider further optimization schemes.

2. Tested the network node quality provided by MeshBox for SmartMesh, tried to run the Spectrum node, and determined the actual operation state of MeshBox.

3. Optimized the function of Meshbox channel creation and Mesh network connection. In order to test channels, the team chose four Android phones and two apple phones to set up channels through the D20 for online and offline payment tests. The test results were successful.

4. Discussed the process of box firmware upgrade, conceived the running state of a firmware upgrade, and designed the safe operation mode in advance.

5. Pack the layout function of the new version of blockchain Mesh network, and form a stand-alone version for testing in the debugging of MeshBox configuration.

6. According to the node connection state, the BLOCKED state is prioritized and the node connection line is changed to gray.

7. It is possible to thoroughly sort out all kinds of situations in the process of Mesh blocked in MeshBox, which has been completely solved at present.

8. Make the Token page of MeshBox to facilitate the owners to understand the various mining benefits intuitively.

9. Integrate Meshbox guidance video into Meshbox, and play the video in Meshbox with the third-party mobile phone APP video software.


1. Optimize the connection of MeshBox, SmartRaiden and SmartMesh APP to ensure the normal response of the demand of the three-party connection.

2. Further, comb the running code of MeshBox, and improve the speed of SmartRaiden in MeshBox. At present, it has reached the best state at the present stage.

1. The MeshBox team visited the Philippines together with SmartMesh to attract local visitors. Team members give one-to-one instruction to help guests understand the scientific ideas and practical application scenarios of MeshBox in detail.

2. In addition to the booth to explain, MeshBox cooperation to negotiate the same heat, not only have the guests communication how to use MeshBox solve the problem of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) network connection to the ground, Palawan island in the Philippines agriculture project and put forward the use MeshBox carrying pratt &whitney financial project, NGOs from the European is what hope to be able to participate in SmartMesh and MeshBox comprehensive financial solutions of landing in the Philippines

3. Dr.Luis, a doctor of agricultural research in the Philippines, believes that MeshBox is the most detailed Palawan island project he has ever seen. The island has no network, so SmartMesh and MeshBox are needed to connect the extended Internet to the project area. The plan is about to be carried out.

4. According to the special envoy of the President of the Philippines, the new Mesh network of blockchain established by SmartMesh and MeshBox is the new network that the Philippines seeks in the future, and it will be possible to connect with the Philippine network satellite in the future, so that the blockchain Mesh network can serve the whole territory of the Philippines.

If you want to know more about MeshBox, Then keep your eyes on the MeshBox Weekly updates!

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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