MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.10.15 — — 2018.10.21)

In the Philippines, MeshBox and SmartMesh have achieved fruitful results. The two parties jointly signed an agreement for Traxion, “a local inclusive financial and agricultural blockchain project”, to provide Mesh network and blockchain technical support.

In order to further test the actual running performance of MeshBox, the team entered the small area of ​​the mountain to deploy MeshBox. Through the test, the team got very valuable operational data, and the subsequent development will be based on the actual operational data, making the MeshBox more powerful.


1. The team carried multiple MeshBoxes into the mountains to simulate the real-application scenarios to test the running status of the MeshBox. Test results show that MeshBox can meet the basic needs of networking in mountain areas. Next, the team will further develop the operational data for this test, making the MeshBox more versatile.

2.MeshBox WIFI function also has room for further improvement. For this, the team conducted a special discussion and used a variety of ideas for preliminary exploration.

3.Combined the Mesh network server of the MeshBox blockchain to improve the corresponding speed of the networking.

4. The meeting discussed and analyzed the blockchain Mesh network structural map, and first outlined the functions that need to be implemented in the future.


1. A new round of communication with the SmartRaiden team, the detailed operation mode of theSmartRaiden on the MeshBox was established, and the related work of the SmartRaiden deployed in the MeshBox was discussed.

The next development discussion for the MeshBox server web.

3.Made play video more fluidly on MeshBox

1. The SmartMesh cooperation with the Philippines, the MeshBox marketing team introduced the many advantages of MeshBox to guests.

2. In the business negotiation session, the team added a description to MeshBox topic of providing blockchain Mesh network nodes for SmartMesh. And the blockchain technology exchanges were also carried out with local enterprises.

3. Community maintenance is also an important part of the team. In the official MeshBox community, users have had a lively discussion on MeshBox and SmartMesh trip to the Philippines.

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*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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