MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.10.29— — 2018.11.04)

The research and development of MeshBox continue, and the main work of this week was to optimize and expand the function of the blockchain Mesh network of the hardware itself. With the formal deployment of the photon network, the vision to build the blockchain Mesh network has been gradually realized, which makes MeshBox more fulfilling.

Any project will require a whole set of complex and tedious systematic work from scratch to existence. At present, the team will advance the research, development and test work as far as possible, which will gain more space for subsequent production and deployment work.

  1. Through repeated communication, the team has confirmed the final networking plan of MeshBox, and the matching node reward mechanism has been officially confirmed. At the same time, the team has started to break down the specific application requirements and has conducted the first round of discussion on the application requirements in the Philippines.
  2. 5 MeshBox testing machines were deployed for long-term and small-range networking testing, and this networking mainly tested the smoothness of MESH and SMT award distribution. At the same time, the team Shared the test results with the photon network team, and the two sides will further cooperate on Token award issuance.
  3. Study the implementation plan for paid Internet access. With the gradual formation and implementation of the scheme, MeshBox will truly have the function of a Mesh network of the blockchain, and then the Mesh network of blockchain will be better integrated into people’s lives.
  4. During the continuous development of the MeshBox APP, the team carried out an extension test of several development directions for the new situation presented in the research and development, in the hope of finding the most suitable development direction for the APP. Now the test is ongoing.
  5. MeshBox’s Web management continues.
  6. Summarized the latest achievements recently obtained and communicated with the MeshBox manufacturer in detail to ensure the consistency between the manufacturer and the team.

1. Many local companies and groups in the Philippines have a strong interest in MeshBox.I order to successfully deployed, the team studied and analyzed the local deployment condition and the demand of the location of the next, the team will make a detailed deployment plan details about MeshBox convenient local businesses and groups move to the next step

2. The team also work further to promote MeshBox. The follow-up will publish project promotion articles in a number of cooperative media (including self-media), officially let the majority of blockchain enthusiasts and network technology practitioners understand the core value of MeshBox.

3. The related affairs of the network communication departments of various countries are listed as urgent and important tasks by the team. To this end, the team sets up a special person to engage in relevant docking work, creating more convenient conditions for the smooth launch of MeshBox.

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*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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