MeshBox™ Weekly Update(2018.12.10 — — 2018.12.16)

At a wall corner some plum trees grow;

Alone against cold white blossoms blow.

Aloof one knows they aren’t the snow,

As faint through air soft fragrances flow.

This weekly report begins with a poem by Wang Anshi’s Plum Blossom, which is more comfortable. Meanwhile, it also reflects the MeshBox™as a clear warm stream in the “cold winter”, so it is no longer afraid of the cold and keeps moving forward.

Official announcement: MeshBox™has had its Chinese name “Mo Shi He” since today! Or Magic Box ! In our concept, MeshBox™is the gateway of everyone to the Internet of things and the virtual world. It is just like the telephone booth connecting the physical world and the virtual world in the science fiction film Matrix. With the magic box, we will become the magic people just like Neo and cross the Internet era of hyperjunction.

In this cold winter, MeshBox™– the warmth are growing, MeshBox™Maxwell version has entered the final stage of mass production, perhaps this is also a friendly expectation, let’s secretly revealed a message, we will use a variety of ways to invite some lucky participants preferred experience MeshBox™- magic box and participate in the open beta, please wait for official annocement.

Meanwhile, the commercial deployment of MeshBox™has been carried out according to plan. With Mr He Jun, the commercial director, we will also look for more commercial solutions in more business areas.

Specific work this week is as follows:


1. The compliance application of blockchain technology — online payment with WeChat payment function and MeshBox™ROM development have been completed, the development of cloud server and WeChat payment interface has been completed, and the joint debugging has started, and the test will be carried out next week; Think about it: not only you can use SMT to pay network sharing fees, but all non-coinage users can start using MeshBox’s Shared bandwidth from the traditional payment with excellent user experience, and gradually become new users of SMT and digital currency. MeshBox’s contribution to blockchain circles will be a silent catalyst.

2. Online upgrade of MeshBox™ROM software, mandatory upgrade function test is completed, and the upgraded function is being developed after the APP is confirmed;

3. Release the first version of ROM software for MeshBox™production;

4. Completed the development of the English version of MeshBox™APP, and successfully debuted the Philippine phone number registration;

5. Sorted out wireless performance test cases, determined the areas with less interference, and built the performance test environment.

6. The edge storage development team adjusted the IPFS encryption storage scheme to encrypt Root nodes and Chunker nodes of data blocks generated by the files to be added. Root node encryption is easy to find password errors can immediately return the corresponding error, improve user interaction experience; Chunker node encryption can protect the privacy of the data to prevent others from directly accessing the Chunker content when they get the Chunker node Cid. The transformation of these functions can open up a decentralized private storage space for MeshBox™users.


1. PCBA of the second version of main board has been received. Other PCBA materials have been set except heat expension;

2. Samples of outer packaging, instruction manual and warranty card have been received.

3. MeshBox™M completed some functional test cases and added new test cases, and purchased some test devices.

4. Completed the procurement of 110 MeshBox™M materials.

5. The new integrated version of MeshBox™M software has been released and started to test the integrated version.

6. The packaging box changed by MeshBox™M before has been basically received by making samples again, and feedbacks with the manufacturer about the style, material, screen printing, and internal foam confirmation and change requirements.

7. Discussed and finalized the functions of the hardware part according to the requirements of MeshBox™T.

8. The content of the MeshBox™T’s contract with the main board manufacturer has been determined.

  1. In the morning of 11th Dec MeshBox™CTO Dr Peter Yen and SmartMesh™ CEO Henry Wang were invited to visit the International Committee of the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross). According to the Geneva convention, the Committee is able to protect and relieve war victims as a neutral group. As Vitalik, founder of ethereum, said, it is very important to provide MESH networks in the battlefield. In the process of protection and relief, ICRC often encounters the situation that there is no network, and it is even more important for refugees to get in touch with their families than to eat. The two sides discussed the application scenarios and agreed on the following procedures for MeshBox™to enter the procurement department.

2. In the afternoon of 12th Dec 2018, MeshBox™chief scientist Dr. Peter Yan and SmartMesh™ CEO Mr. Henry Wang went to GTI of boda guangtong iot technology co., LTD., which participated in the “Internet of things peak BBS” to communicate with MeshBox. Mr. Henry Wang and Dr. Peter Yan, accompanied by Mr. Liao zong, founder of boeverbright company, visited the latest research results of GTI and discussed the following cooperation steps:

1) cooperate with the ministry of industry and information technology to formulate the blockchain standard of the Internet of things;

2) jointly designed the MeshBox™IoE of the Internet of everything based on Spectrum blockchain, and supported Lora Mesh and wi-fi Mesh;

3) jointly establish a company to run DAPP Internet of everything solution.

Above: SmartMesh™ CEO Henry Wang has a friendly communication with President liao and MeshBox™CTO Dr. Peter Yan, CEO of boda guangtong
Above:The research of SmartMesh™, MeshBox™and GTI is about the blockchain and IoE above the Spectrum

3. In the afternoon of 13th Dec, at the invitation of professor fang hongyi, Henry Wang, a consultant of MeshBox, visited the central radio and television tower and discussed the deployment scenario of MeshBox™in the three-layer network of the ministry of radio and television.


Business progress:

MeshBox™has added solutions to two application scenarios: “network self-repair and idle broadband utilization, resource realization”, “Shared storage and Internet application acceleration, resource realization” through Shared broadband in residential communities.

1. Realize network self-repair, idle broadband utilization and resource realization through “Shared broadband”

Traditional community broadband has two problems:

a, single point of failure, broadband failure users will not be able to access the Internet.

b. idle bandwidth, many households work during the day, resulting in bandwidth waste.

According the SmartMesh™ technology of MeshBox, other users with Mesh connections around them can contribute their broadband resources. In case of broadband failure, users can access the Internet through the broadband Shared by other users, avoiding the annoyance caused by the lack of network availability and improving the experience. Users who have not purchased broadband can enjoy the Shared broadband service through the MeshBox™SmartMesh™ connection and realize flexible payment.

Regardless of whether it is a single point of failure or no purchase of broadband, users sharing broadband resources will be rewarded for providing online services, so as to achieve value interconnection and resource realization.

2. Accelerate resource realization through “Shared storage and Internet application”

MeshBox™users can realize the sharing of storage resources and the acceleration of Internet applications through SmartMesh™ technology. SMT is the general channel for network connection, and MESH is the general channel for storing content and computing power. Through sharing, MeshBox™users can become the storage or application acceleration node of the entire Internet, so as to realize the value interconnection and resource realization.

MeshBox™is the first landmark intelligent network device to create a new phase of IT architecture HyperMesh, with numerous application scenarios. Subsequent teams and communities will launch application solutions of various industries.

3. In the evening of 13th Dec MeshBox™consultant and SmartMesh™ CEO Henry Wang participated in the Open Day activity held by Huobi, and had a friendly discussion with Huobi group COO Mr. Zhu jiawei and manager lu mai. Both sides expressed optimism about the future development of blockchain. Henry Wang warmly invited the staff of Huobi company to witness the demonstration of SmartMesh™ and MeshBox™ecological application in the company next week, and the two sides will also have an in-depth exchange of views on the cooperation and development in the Philippines.

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