MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.11.19 — — 2018.11.25)

The work of MeshBox has been carried efficiently. Although the current market situation is not good as a whole, it will only affect the team with insufficient confidence. For MeshBox, as long as all the work is carried out in an orderly way according to the plan, it will definitely create great value in the future.

Recently, We have added the MeshBox data table and optimized the running state of MeshBox;

Made a test for MeshBox MESH revenue timing task and cancel the call of DB function in the framework;

3.MeshBox and the photon network team conducted a running test again to check the running performance of the updated code of the photon network

4. Compiled Iipfs and run it on MeshBox to check the memory usage.

5. Made a test for maximum transaction volume per second of MeshBox is continuing. Based on the results of the previous test, the team modified some programs in the MeshBox runtime and tested the changes after the modification.

6. Analyzed the payment process of other equipment, and draw the MeshBox payment flow chart according to the previous summary. Then the team will conduct the actual payment test of MESH according to the flowchart.

On 21th Nov 2018, Mr. Wang the founder of SmartMesh with the founder of RSK jointly conducted the networking demonstration of blockchain Mesh. Among them, the guests were deeply impressed by the SmartMesh large ecology and MeshBox. In the introduction of MeshBox, many guests took photos and recorded them through mobile phones and other devices, and praised the MeshBox greatly.


(Above: the founder of SmartMesh with the founder of RSK conducting the networking demonstration of blockchain Mesh together)

2. The maintenance of the community is also going on in an orderly way. The team members and fans were free to talk freely in the group and think about the changes that MeshBox has brought to the world since it landed.

3. The docking work in the Philippines is about to be completed and MeshBox will visit the Philippines again in the near future to conduct in-depth communication with local interested enterprises.

If you want to know more about MeshBox, Then keep your eyes on the MeshBox Weekly updates!

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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