MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.11.25 — — 2018.12.02)

“This is a small step for the blockchain world but it is a big step for connecting Philippines and the beginning of Token Switching era of the Internet of Value!”

In the last month of 2018, MeshBox team started the application landing mode of smart blockchain Box. At present, the development of MeshBox software and hardware is coming along in a good fashion with regard to the market, MeshBox has taken an important step forward. On December 1, MeshBox joined hands with SmartMesh and Star Telecom, the only satellite communication operator in the Philippines, to hold a signing ceremony in Manila. This contract will accelerate Mesh Box’s settlement of millions of sari-sari stores and the implementation and deployment of the block chain integrated network of sky and earth, fundamentally changing the current situation that 50% of Filipinos do not have Internet services, and at the same time serving the communication and remittance problems between overseas Filipino workers (OFW) and their families around the world.


  1. Developed charging online function, analyzed and designed payment process, and wrote portal process and interface documents.
  2. In terms of MeshBox APP research and development, it will increase the exception handling when the mobile phone is disconnected from the Internet, optimize the APP binding and unbinding process, optimize the local management process, and improve the use experience of the APP.
  3. MeshBox Token reward distribution network test, upgrade the version of the photonic network and optimize the handling strategy in the case of network abnormality.


  1. MeshBox hardware version 2 has started to cast boards to optimize the problems in the product test of the first version. The model MeshBox is named MeshBox Maxwell in honor of James Clerk Maxwell (1831 ~ 1879), the founder of classical electrodynamics.
  2. The design of packaging materials like MeshBox M product outer packaging and instruction manual has been completed and the proofing has started, and other related materials have been purchased.
  3. Continuous pre-research of MeshBox products of different models and communication with potential partners about shell structure us underway. The model MeshBox is named MeshBox Tesla in honor of Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the radio (July 10, 1856 — January 7, 1943).

1. On 27th Nov 2018, Mr. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, and Mr. Peter Yan, chief scientist of MeshBox, visited the Philippines and held in-depth talks with Techmeda and Star Telecom Alliance. SmartMesh will also sign a memorandum of cooperation with Star Telecom Alliance, which will be one of the distributors of MeshBox’s payment production.

2. Peter Yan, chief technology officer of MeshBox, joined hands with SmartMesh CEO Wang and Star Telecom, the only satellite telecommunications operator in the Philippines, at a signing ceremony in Manila on December 1. William Lima, special envoy for China affairs in the office of the President of the republic of the Philippines, and two assistants attended and witnessed this historic moment of cooperation. Regarding the cooperation, Mr. Joey Uy, chairman of Star Telecom and First Telecom of the Philippines, said, “We have the only satellite communication operation license in the Philippines, and SmartMesh and MeshBox are the last kilometer of ground solution we are looking for. This would allow millions of sari-sari stores to be upgraded into gateways to 40 million Filipinos without the Internet. Blockchain Token technology can ensure that international charity funds are used to improve poverty and education accurately and credibly, rather than for alcohol and drugs.”

Philippine President’s special envoy William Lima (William the conqueror) also spoke highly of the cooperation, “the Philippines is the world’s third largest remittance recipient countries, overseas Filipino workers (OFW) desire to contact the family through the Internet audio and video, SmartMesh, MeshBox cooperation with Star Telecom can let OFW work abroad more at ease, let their family also lower cost to receive the remittance, this is very touching. The Philippines will set up 7 more offices in China to care about overseas Filipino workers in China. MeshBox, SmartMesh and Star Telecom connect OFW and their families, and President Duterte and the government will fully support such projects.

The picture is the scene of MeshBox chief scientist Peter Yan and SmartMesh founder Wang Qiheng signing a contract in Manila.

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