MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.11.05 – —2018.11.11)

Last week, MeshBox attended the “2018 beidou intelligent technology summit” with SmartMesh in Xinyang, China, and demonstrated the integration networking in the field successfully, which added more scientific and technological colors to the summit.

Since the project was founded, the MeshBox team has solved many technical problems and created a precedent for the blockchain Mesh network nodes. The realization of the whole technology from space and land has laid a solid foundation for the horizontal transmission of satellite networks on the ground. It is believed that in the near future, satellite network transmission companies will establish a commercialized integrated network carrier with MeshBox, which will truly benefit all mankind.

  1. MeshBox mining management background and test network have been built and will be tested.
  2. Payment demonstration to verify the network and off-chain payment functions. Through multiple tests, the demonstration process can be carried out smoothly. As a result, MeshBox has been successfully demonstrated in Xinyang.
  3. Discussion about the charges for storage data in MeshBox.
  4. Work on combing of the photon network of procd to makes the operation of the photon network more stable.
  5. Research and development for MeshBox to have convenient payment functions such as WeChat payment. At present, preliminary ideas have been made and the payment process has been determined through meeting communication.

6. Add new interface name adjustment function of the MeshBox APP, and automatically install ipkg and tar package script adjustment when the firmware starts.

7. MeshBox’s Web management continues.

1. The team attend the ‘2018 Beidou Wisdom Technology High-end Summit’ and successfully demonstrated the integration of Tiandi. More than 20 leading cadres such as the former Deputy Minister of Radio and Television, the Deputy Mayor of Xinyang City, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and the Chairman of Xinyang City People’s Congress and many other media guests witnessed the whole technology from space and land.

2. MeshBox has attracted more attention from the guests. The team communicate with the guests and detailed the blockchain features of MeshBox.


3. As the first ecosystem project of SmartMesh, MeshBox needs more attention from fans. In response to this, the team prepared a variety of promotional content, targeting different geographical regions, in order to mobilize the blockchain enthusiasts to further attention to MeshBox.


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*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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