MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.11.12 — — 2018.11.18)

MeshBox is continuing its research and development. The team is well focused on the testing of MeshBox in actual operation and carried out targeted discussion.

The research and development of MeshBox is a periodical work, and the results presented every week may not be much, but it is not difficult to find the progress of MeshBox by connecting the weekly reports.

1. Discussed the payment process of MeshBox on the web. Currently, the Portal page pushed by Nginx needs to attach information related to MeshBox and mobile terminal, which will be optimized in the future to simplify the web payment process.

2. Made a test for MeshBox pop up WeChat payment page to the mobile terminal. The test results are in line with expectations.

3. Updated the photon network code and re-test the MeshBox for online payment.

4. Made a test for the synchronization rate of MeshBox and SmartMesh public chain Spectrum (Spectrum). This result needs to be checked next week.

5. Changed the Bandwidth code to achieve statistics of Wan and Lan port user traffic, and distinguish Smc and photon network traffic according to the port.

6. Tesh has been conducted to maximize the trading volume of MeshBox per second and master the maximum operating power of MeshBox. At present, the preliminary test has been completed, but in order to make the test results more objective, the team will carry out 2–3 more tests in the future.

7. Started private key backup of the photon network in MeshBox to ensure that the photon network runs smoothly.

1. Community maintenance was one of the main tasks this week. The team paid close attention to the communities.

2. MeshBox with the arrival of SmartMesh to many countries around the world, MeshBox is gradually known to the world. In order to better go global, the team wrote tips in multiple languages for various features of MeshBox. The following tips will be introduced to you in succession.

3. The deployment docking of the Philippines continues, and the team has collected all deployment requirements throughout the Philippines. In response to these needs, the team discussed the priority deployment order.

If you want to know more about MeshBox, Then keep your eyes on the MeshBox Weekly updates!

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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