MeshBox Weekly Update(2018.12.17 — — 2018.12.23)

The joy of a year is gathered in this month. The tinkle of a snowy Christmas bell is coming towards New Year’s day. Double denier intertwined curl in the wind around a moving and brilliant song! MeshBox is also going into its second year with you. On Christmas Eve, all the staff and the research and development team of MeshBox want to say merry Christmas and happy New Year to every supporter of MeshBox, research and development volunteer and the co-owner of our community. At the same time, we also wish that our common beliefs and ideals can be integrated into MeshBox, so that we will be glorious in the New Year!

At this time, we also want to send a surprise on this happy day. The collection plan of the first internal test users of magic box has been confirmed, and we will announce it in the last weekly report in 2018. If you have any good ideas about this collection plan, you can also contact our customer service.

The following is our specific work this week:

Ethereum’s ETH is experiencing an upward breakthrough because the mainnet of RDN of the Raiden network is online, because the Raiden network directly makes DAPP experience exceed EOS and other public chains. RDN also jumped 50 per cent yesterday. This also made the world realize the power of Linghtning network and Raiden network. This will also allow you to recognize a more powerful call — the Photon network, it is the SMT main blockchain, Spectrum of the two-layered network, formerly known as SmartRaiden. It’s an upgraded version of the Raiden network.

1. Raiden network implementation is written in Python, which determines that it is not the best to be used on the mobile devices. You cannot use Raiden network on the mobile terminal for small volume transactions.

2. Without the crash recovery of Raiden network in various scenarios, the Photon network is more robust and safe.

3. The combination of photon network and Mesh network realizes offline payment of digital currency for the first time. Raiden network cannot support offline payment, and offline payment is a very important application scenario in the Internet of thing.


Layer2 open source framework solution designed by SmartMesh — Photon Network. Photon network, developed in Go language, is suitable for mobile terminal systems such as Android and iOS and is available for cross-platform use (such as Windows/Linux). Support Photon offline payment transactions in a condition free of Internet connection (a public link not connected to the Internet). In order to ensure the normal operation of the transaction process as well as the better fitting of mobile devices, Photon was analyzed and a solution was designed specifically for the possible unexpected scenes in the transaction with Photon, so as to realize the synchronization of transaction node state data and protect the transaction security.

Every MeshBox runs a spectrum node and a photon node. The SMT payment of the Photon network is very fast, and the completely distributed TPS has no upper limit. It can support various high-performance dapps that require high-speed transfer payment. In order to set up the photon network channel, MeshBox can mortgage SMT as the channel deposit and earn transaction fee just like earning interest. With the popularity of Photon networks, SMT will be distributed around the world, which will be the model of blockchain world.

Schematic diagram of MeshBox and photon network deployment


1. Distributed storage

Test the encryption and decryption function of large files, and modify some bugs in the test process. According to the current encryption and decryption, has basically completed this part of the function.

1) adjust the password-parameter transmission mode to reduce the changes to the IPFS original code to a smaller scope;

2) resolved the function of large file encryption to encrypt Root node and Chunker data node respectively;

3) resolved the problem that small files need to be decrypted twice due to the addition of large file encryption.

2. Provide and test the MeshBox APP and MeshBox software, including the updated V2.0 and English version of the Box software.

3. MeshBox Maxwell, the complete machine test section, completed the default configuration and wireless function test.

4. In the initial evaluation of test cases of the complete machine.

5. The first draft of the production line test case is being evaluated.


1. In the process of making samples with minor modifications to the shell.

2. The sample design documents of packaging materials have been submitted, await the arrival of new samples.

3. The remaining materials of this batch of complete machine have been in storage.

4. The motherboard and wireless module are undergoing preliminary hardware tests.

5. MeshBox Tesla has finalized the contract with the manufacturer and will sign off soon.

1. On 17th Dec, Dr. Luis, the Philippine team of SmartMesh and MeshBox ecology, and Mr. Ardy gave a keynote speech and exchange at the university of the Philippines, discussing the plan of deploying MeshBox to integrate SmartMesh into its knowledge management and innovation center at the university of the Philippines.

2. On18th Dec, Peter Yan, chief technical officer of MeshBox, communicated with Genuisto and signed a memorandum of agreement with the company, Genuisto. The founder of Genuisto is the agent of many smart device brands in Europe and the Philippines.

3. On 19th Dec, reporter of 8btc, a well-known blockchain media in China, interviewed Henry Wang, a consultant of MeshBox, and witnessed the demonstration of SMT and MESH ecology. The winter of blockchain is the time to eliminate and hone excellent blockchain projects. As one of the leading media of the industry, 8btc is duty-bound to launch the “winter avoidance action”, select excellent projects to support the industry resources, and call on investors to abandon the garbage pyramid retail projects and join the MeshBox and other excellent projects to get warm, strengthen community consensus and accelerate the coming of spring of the market.

4. The Marketing Department to establish SMT MESH ecological core group, has established two groups, the first goal to establish 10 core groups, landing in the Spring Festival, strive to do the industry’s strongest consensus.

5. On 21th Dec MeshBox added a French community and an overseas volunteer technology development community in the overseas market.

French group :

Overseas volunteer technology development community:

6, on the morning of 20th Dec, Huobi Pro was invited to visit MeshBox ecological and watch MeshBox, photon network demo, this is the first time the Huobi Pro team seen digital currency transaction, in the absence of the Internet by two phones to complete digital currency offline payment, and said this is the innovation of the SMT to blockchain world, has a wider range of application scenarios. The implementation of Mesh project in the future will have a profound impact on the layout of the world Internet. Huobi Pro hopes to work together with SMT and MESH to build the next generation of value, Internet of thing and inclusive finance. The two sides will continue to deepen cooperation and jointly contribute to the development and service of the world blockchain to the real economy.

7. The first plan of MeshBox users for internal testing has been determined, and the specific plan and number of users will be announced on 29th Dec.

8. The next weekly report of MeshBox will be released on 29th Dec ahead of schedule.

If you want to know more about MeshBox, keep your eyes on the MeshBox Weekly updates!

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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