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— — 刘慈欣流浪地球

Today, I would like to quote a passage of Mr. Liu cixin in “MeshBox” to start the weekly report for this week. We are working hard for a great and future changing project, and all of us are experienced and participants. Let’s feel the changes that MeshBox will bring to the world with our hearts!


1. Distributed storage that can accompany the earth to wander together:

1) install the node of IGFS (inter-galactic File System) into the MeshBox and conduct a preliminary experience test of the existing low-level functions with the command line;

The IPFS (inter-planetary File System) is now unable to meet the needs of individuals and enterprises for the permanent and secure storage of files. We are studying the dispersion algorithm so that the IGFS can meet the needs. At present, I have basically completed the analysis and research of IPFS data exchange layer bitswap, and entered the source code interpretation of libp2p and routing layer DHT.

2. The Android and IOS versions of the MeshBox APP improve the exception handling related to the data obtained with the box;

3. Completed the function of scanning the QR code and downloading the MeshBox APP.


1. Long-term stability test of MeshBox Maxwell.

2. In the business evaluation of MeshBox Telsa.

3. According to the latest feedback requirements of the MeshBox Telsa project of Philippine operators and the market, according to the difference of agency nodes, the research has included the support of special hardware features for the local special environment. Due to the confidentiality involved, only a few simple examples are given:

a. Under the deployment environment of coastal network, the salt fog content around seawater is high, so the ability to resist salt fog should be strengthened to ensure the service life and increase the return on investment of users.

b. The Philippines is a tropical country with high temperature all year round, and some rooms are also a high temperature, which requires the adaptability of the environmental temperature of the box to be much higher than the hardware standard of China and other countries.

c. In suburban areas of southeast Asia, the power supply network is not stable enough, and very high voltage surges are often generated. Unstable power supply AC input will cause damage to electrical appliances, which needs to be considered in the design.

Evaluation of the technical requirements arising from these and other reasons and integration of the technical capabilities of the project’s existing program.

The specific work of the market is as follows:

1 Last week SmartMesh CEO, MeshBox chief adviser, Mr. Wang, SmartMesh COO Mr. Kent and MeshBox commercial director Mr. Jedi and market staff satellite company invitation, visited the enterprise possible line and to explore the depth of cooperation, both sides have reached a consensus, and MeshBox is considered as a suitable carrier of Leo satellite Internet of things the last kilometer and mature solution, the two sides have begun drafting the memorandum of understanding and confidentiality agreement, further technical and market docking, after waiting for signed agreement, the official will publish relevant information.

2. MeshBox’s partners in southeast Asia completed their investigation in Cambodia last week and evaluated the market, and made extremely high expectations of the market, indicating that they will complete the signing of the memorandum of agreement and carry out the market work in Cambodia as soon as possible.

3. Peter Yan, CTO of MeshBox, had a technical exchange with GTI technical director in the US. Lora MeshBox is the interactive intelligent hardware part of the bilateral cooperation. This week, the two sides will discuss the planning of Lora MeshBox in the overall scheme of the low orbit satellite integrated earth Internet of things network to be implemented in 2019. China and the Philippines are in the same satellite orbital plane, and 6 low-orbit satellites can be used to cover the Internet of things. The appearance of Lora MeshBox will move the storage and computing to the edge, and distributed storage and edge computing will greatly improve the effective coverage of the satellite. The future smart city, smart agriculture, smart animal husbandry, smart ocean and emergency, and disaster prevention will all become part of the integrated network of heaven and earth.

If you want to know more about MeshBox, keep your eyes on the MeshBox Weekly updates!

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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