MeshBox Weekly (2019.02.18 – 2019.02.24)

Sunshine after the commencement of spring

call for the last snow to dispear

What is the monotonous snow scene?

The first chapter of the four seasons.

Axillary buds are ready to relax

The flower bud is waiting toblossom

What is a single flower?

Hundreds of them are about to be on the spring palace

My heart is shaking as if smelling a burst of flowers I have to grind the thick ink, fortunately let’s get it donw in the spring.

As we all know, MeshBox is the smart hardware cornerstone project of SmrtMesh Ecology. With the cooperation between SmartMesh and multinational satellite companies, operators, Internet of Things companies, tourism and ethnic organizations, the big ecological puzzles are becoming more and more complete, and the application scenarios of MeshBox are endless. The MeshBox Foundation decided to join hands with SmartMesh in the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT financial inclusive Summit” held in Boracay, Philippines in July to conduct a large-scale demonstration of the integration of the world and the smart Internet and the inclusive finance of the Internet of Things. . We believe that this will be the first large-scale application of hardware and software based on blockchain, the integration of indoor and outdoor, and the application of the Internet of Everything. It is hope that it will bring a new spring to the blockchain world.

Updates for this week


1. distributed storage

1) Research on IGFS (Inter-Galactic File System) decentralization algorithm: The research on the underlying communication technology such as Provider broadcast and reception of IPFS has come to an end, and the processes and logics of Provider generation, broadcasting, updating, processing, etc. have been basically mastered. Provide technical implementation basis for subsequent distributed algorithm design. The next step will be to enter the design process of the IGFS decentralized algorithm;

2) Defining the positioning and main product features of the personal distributed storage DAPP Demo. Personal Distributed Storage DAPP is based on IGFS to provide file backup and sharing services for individual users, and is committed to improving the privacy of user information. We expect to improve privacy by: users do not need to register; users’ files are encrypted and distributed in a distributed network; user backup and shared file information is not stored in the central server, users have their own file data and encrypted passwords . Therefore, unlike traditional private cloud disks, any external company or third party cannot obtain files that a user saves or shares, and it is even less likely to access or control the user’s files.

2. The MeshBox APP IOS version begins to be in English;

3. the Philippines demonstration preparation work, the Meshbox multi-hop indirect payment demonstration, began to build a test environment.


1. Maxwell Shell Optimization – The matte surface of the previous sample shell adds texture. This new sample customization process adds a coating process to the shell surface on the basis of the previous one. Although the cost is improved, it is more stable and textured. Once the sample is confirmed, a new option can be added to the final product.

2. Maxwell host power supply optimization, motherboard power supply is more subtle optimization.

3. The feasibility study of the built-in and external IoT Lora modules of the MeshBox project, this week’s initial docking with the Silicon Grain Network Smart City project, evaluates the feasibility and implementation of the Lora module. The construction of a smart city is a new market in the MeshBox program.

1. A US research project is expected to cooperate with MeshBox. The project is called Smart City-Smart Home. The founder of the project, Mr. Clark and Mendix, cooperated to establish a smart city project through Lora technology of low-power wide-area LPWAN. The project currently supplies energy to Tesla using 3D printed solar technology, providing information on smart devices scattered throughout the city and home. Founder Clark plans to deploy MeshBox on new energy vehicles, through the streets with these cars to collect data. MeshBox will serve as an important node for transport, operation and storage. Clark said he received a scholarship from Draper University, founded by the famous American venture capitalist Tim Draper. Tim Draper and Elon Musk may be on hand at the scene of his project presentation. The project cooperation is in close negotiation.

2. MeshBox’s CTO Dr. Peter Yan will be technically docked with the Chinese blockchain evangelists and a satellite company from the United States on Wednesday. Last week, Dr. Peter Yan communicated with the company in advance and drafted the technology. Cooperation points, intended to promote the cooperation between the two sides

3. In July, the International Blockchain Application Federation and the World Blockchain Foundation plan to jointly host the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit” in Boracay, Philippines! MeshBox plans to use the indoor and outdoor versions of satellite and MeshBox during the summit to integrate the smart-Mesh network to cover the coastline of Boracay, and to demonstrate the Internet of Things, smart city and inclusive financial applications with DAPP partners to become the world’s largest blockchain financial applications of large ecological display.

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