MeshBox Weekly(2019.3.18–2019.3.24)

In 2002, the “Shenzhou III” spacecraft developed by China was launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and successfully entered the planned orbit. The successful launch marks a new and important progress in China’s manned spaceflight project. In the following year, China completed the first manned space launch. In December last year, China even successfully launched the first low-orbit Internet communication satellite ahead of Space X.

Recently, France has also made great progress on the satellite Internet. Launching a balloon “quasi-satellite” 20 kilometers from the ground seems to be another effective solution for connecting humans. MeshBox’s partner in the Philippines, Star Telecom, plans to connect to the Philippines with a “double-quasi-satellite” that is backed up by the end of the year, and the SmartMesh network formed by MeshBox is the best last-mile networking solution.

Updates of this week.


1. Distributed storage. MeshBox is mainly used in home and commercial WiFi, distributed data market, P2P applications running on it (including IGFS, etc.) will face a connectivity problem. In order to solve this problem, the NAT penetration problem of the public network and the private network connection is being studied and implemented. This week, we mainly studied the four types of NAT and the judgment methods to prepare for the next step of NAT penetration.

2. For the August Philippine Experimental Network visitors online program to do product demand decomposition, writing requirements and interaction design documents. Optimize the existing payment online process and settings, mainly to increase the configuration on the MeshBox APP, to facilitate the MeshBox Owner to manage the shared WiFi charging method.

3.MeshBox APP Android V1.0 version is released internally. The main purpose of the V1.0 version is to meet the needs of MeshBox and demo photon payment. Therefore, the key point is to ensure that the user can bind the unbind box and bind the untied wallet address. Secondly, users can view and set basic network information, and upload and download pictures and videos.


1. MeshBox Maxwell mold shell correction.

2. Trial of the MeshBox Maxwell Power Evaluation Board.

3. The electrical schematic of the MeshBox Tesla project was initially completed.

4. The MeshBox Tesla project structure shell is designed in advance, and the first PCB test sample design is issued in advance.

The specific work of marketing is as follows:

1.MeshBox CTO Peter meets with many mayors in Ban Nai

On March 19th, MeshBox CTO Dr Peter Yan took a round trip around the province, except for the government location, and the other 90% of the area had no signal coverage. The relevant local departments are eager to see the integration of MeshBox and SmartMesh network as soon as possible, covering the network to promote the local economic prosperity and development.

2. 20th March, MeshBox will promote the Philippine market under the impetus of the President’s Special Envoy in China
MeshBox and SmartMesh will cooperate with many parties to set up a new company and expand MeshBox in the Philippines market. The special offer proposes that SmartMesh and MeshBox will only pay half of the investment, and the Philippines will assume the other half of the company invest. The new company will assist the Philippine government in deploying network work to jointly build local infrastructure in the Philippines.

3. 20th March, MeshBox CTO Peter and Star Telecom founder Joey discuss cooperation matters.

MeshBox CTO Peter discussed the cooperation and related issues in the Philippines with Star Telecom founder Joey. Star Telecom will help MeshBox complete the NTC certification issue in the Philippines. The two sides discussed the issue of using the TVWS (TV White Space) signal connection to extend the coverage of SmartMesh networks. At the same time, Star Telecom also exchanged plans with MeshBox to connect the Philippines with the “Double-Quasi-Satellite” and SmartMesh network 20 kilometers from the ground. The two high-throughput Internet balloons are expected to be launched this year, which will greatly increase the demand for MeshBox and accelerate the deployment of SmartMesh networks.

4.21st March, MeshBox CTO Peter and Mindgenix officially signed agreement.

MeshBox CTO Peter officially signed a contract with Mindgenix and SmartMesh. The cooperation includes public WiFi solutions, the Philippines’ voting equipment, Smartmatic for equipment replacement, and cooperation to develop IoT tracking of items on the supply chain. Mindgenix, a company dedicated to WIFI coverage in the Philippines, and Philippine President Duterte has just passed national laws that must have WiFi coverage in public places. Mindgenix is ​​a provider of Philippine government blockchain technology.

5.21st March, MeshBox consultant Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng met with Professor Li Guoquan.

MeshBox consultant Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng met with Professor Li Guoquan in the Philippines. Mr. Wang Qiheng introduced the rapid development of MeshBox to Professor Li Guoquan and the results of the upcoming “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Inclusive Financial Summit” in the Philippines.

Professor Li Guoquan affirmed the speeddy development and products of MeshBox and and is willing to introduce the Singapore government to invest in MeshBox and SmartMesh.

Professor Li Guoquan also said that in early May, MeshBox and SmartMesh teams will hold Meet Up in Shanghai. In the latter part of the same month, I hope to invite two teams to Singapore to do a demonstration of the integration of the world’s telecommunications network.

After the meeting, Dr. Bai Shizhen, the veteran of the Singapore Monetary Authority, expressed his support to Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng for the Incheon financial projects MeshBox and SmartMesh, and welcomed MeshBox and SmartMesh to cooperate with the Singapore government. Subsequently, Willson Lee, Chairman of the World Blockchain Foundation, also expressed his affirmation of the MeshBox and SmartMesh projects. When it comes to MeshBox and SmartMesh, we are about to enter our world. The most powerful weapon in the information age is freedom of information. And believe that MeshBox can make the concept of “everyone is an operator”.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time.

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