MeshBox MagicBox Weekly(2019.3.25–2019.3.31)

On one side, it’s colored. On this day people are thinking about making joke with people around them, so that this day has a relaxed atmosphere. But pay attention to the April Fool’s Day jokes can only until 12 noon, this is a strict rule of tradition, people who are joking after the hour will immediately hit the nails with no fun.

The other side of April Fool’s Day is black and white, because this day also makes us full of memories. In addition to the stars we know died on this day, nine years ago today, the world’s “father of the PC” Henry Edward Roberts died on the same day. Roberts is today’s “computer pioneer” at the age of 68. The first personal computer he invented was very inspiring to future generations, and then Microsoft was born. With the birth of personal computers, we discovered that distributed office, distributed network storage, etc. can be realized in life.

This week’s updates.

  1. Analyze the Super Mall wireless coverage solution. In the Mall, it is necessary to implement a unified rather than a single device-based payment and authentication system, and analyze how the SMT paid Internet function can interface with the traditional Wi-FI authentication system. 2, MeshBox APP Android V1.1 and MeshBox system software V1.2.2 submitted for testing, this version is mainly for Shanghai and Singapore demonstrations in May.
  1. MeshBox Maxwell project The shell mold is confirmed. 2, MeshBox Maxwell project The new power motherboard has been proofed to make PCB. 3. MeshBox Tesla Project Electrical schematics The review of third-party companies is in progress. 4, MeshBox Tesla project PCBlayout work has begun a small part of the production. 5, MeshBox Tesla project Some hardware driver development and enhanced security software work is being prepared.

1. MeshBox consultant Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng visited Tokyo Ginza Blockchain Coworking Space and discussed related cooperation matters with CFun founder

On the afternoon of March 29th, MeshBox consultant Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng visited the Blockchain Coworking Space in Ginza, Tokyo and had an in-depth exchange with Mr. Jia Junjun, the founder of CFun. The two sides discussed the distribution of Japanese secondary culture in Southeast Asia. The two sides believe that Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia will bring new growth to the animation market. However, there is a lack of network facilities in the island countries. The use of MeshBox and SmartMesh to distribute content has natural advantages. CFun is about to sign a contract with Japan DMM to distribute its content exclusively in digital currency. CFun uses MeshBox’s distributed storage to provide paid downloads of DMM and other contents, which will bring people’s education and entertainment to these non-network or weak network areas. Content, this will undoubtedly have great commercial value for the three parties. CFun has conducted research on markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines. The content of DMM is very popular in Southeast Asia, and its adult content can also be legally paid for viewing in countries such as the Philippines.

2. MeshBox consultant Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng visited the Shinjuku Clearstone Corporation in Tokyo and discussed related cooperation matters with his founders. On the evening of March 29th, MeshBox consultant Wang Qiheng visited the Shinjuku Clearstone Corporation in Tokyo and discussed the cooperation with his founder, Mr. Ono. Clearstone is the sole agent of Dajiang UAV in Japan and is the agent of Flexi Technology’s flexible display. The two sides discussed the best entry point for MeshBox in Japan, and agreed that point-to-point emergency communication is the best entry point in Japan where earthquakes and tsunami occur frequently. After the base station communication and power supply system was destroyed by the earthquake, people can also use the SmartMesh network built by MeshBox and smart phones to communicate, which is very important for Japan.

Some areas in Japan have also established satellite ground stations to cope with post-disaster communication and rescue. With the expansion of OneWeb, which is invested by Softbank, the integration of heaven and earth is bound to develop in Japan. At present, Softbank Telecom is still far weaker in Japan than Docomo and the second largest operator. Mr. Ono Zhijian expressed his wish to become the agent of MeshBox in Japan, and he will further investigate the exact entry point of the Japanese market.

3. MeshBox consultant Mr Henry Wang Qiheng was invited to attend Star Conferences in Tokyo

On March 30th, MeshBox consultant Mr Henry Wang Qiheng was invited to attend the Star Conferences in Tokyo. Mr. Wang Qiheng and the delegates exchanged topics such as blockchain, big data, AI and Internet of Things.

4. MeshBox Philippines market representatives participate in the “Filipino Financial Technology Forum” On March 31, the MeshBox market representatives participated in the “Filipino Financial Technology Forum” jointly sponsored by the World Blockchain Organization WBO and the International Blockchain Application Research Foundation. Also attending the meeting were representatives of the Philippine government, representatives of the Shandong Provincial People’s Government, Huawei, and the SmartMesh market. MeshBox market representatives Dr. Louis and Ms. Veronica gave a keynote speech on “Connecting the Philippines with SmartMesh and MeshBox” in both English and Chinese.

5. The SMT&MESH team proposes a community management plan The MeshBox and SmartMesh teams will publish community partner programs within the community. I hope to build a long-term development plan for the SMT&MESH community through collaborative discussions within the community. The registration form will also be issued this time, and all SMT&MESH community members are expected to participate actively. If you have any questions about the event, please add MeshBox customer service number, we will answer you one by one.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time.

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