MeshBox Weekly (2019.4.1–2019.4.7)

we will implement the plan about extension of new users.

Updates for the week


1、 The version prepared for the demonstration in Shanghai and Singapore in May, MeshBox APP version 1.1, box V1.2.2 version, completed the first round of testing, is modifying the BUG;

2、MeshBox APP V1.2.1 version, plans to increase the box and the box, between the box and the phone, photon to create channels, storage, cash withdrawal, transfer and close the channel and other functions, has begun to write requirements and interaction design documents.


1、MeshBox Maxwell project:Shell mold confirmation and power board proofing production.

2、MeshBox Maxwell project:combed the functions and requirements of the basic operating system.

3、MeshBox Tesla project:Electrical schematic diagram of the third review and rectification of third-party companies.

4、MeshBox Tesla project: PCBlayout synchronization schematic for development.

5、MeshBox Tesla project:Some expansion hardware selection and procurement work.

1、On April 1st, SmartMesh’s team in the Philippines met with the University of the Philippines’ Urban Planning Institute. The two sides hope to deploy Smart Mesh and MeshBox technologies in their upcoming new urban planning college. The University of the Philippines is the best university in the Philippines, and the University’s School of Urban Planning is responsible for the delivery of talent for urban planning and construction in the Philippines. The SmartMesh and MeshBox technologies are deployed in the newly completed buildings of the College. The academic community will showcase new network architectures and network deployment methods, and provide better network services for the colleges, and will have a profound impact on the future urban planning of the Philippines.

2、MeshBox’s CTO Mr. Peter Yan, on behalf of SmartMesh and MeshBox, was invited to participate in the GSMA (Global System Mobile Association) summit in Europe. The main topic of the summit is the future solutions in the IoT field and the integration of 5G and Mesh.

GSMA’s IoT initiative is an industry initiative that focuses on enabling a trusted IoT that embeds security from the start, developing key enablers at every stage of the IoT value chain, facilitating industry collaboration and supporting network optimization. The IoT program enables consumers and businesses to take advantage of rich new services and connect via smart and secure mobile networks.

3、The “Community Node” of the SMT & MESH Operations Department was officially launched on April 4. This community node plan is launched and is divided into three parts:

1)The first batch of community nodes was formally established, and 10 users were awarded the honorary title of “SMT&MESH Team Community Node” and officially started to assist the operation team in related operations. The users of the 10 elected community nodes are the core fans of the SMT&MESH project. The willingness to help the development of the SMT&MESH project is very strong. Currently, it is mainly responsible for assisting the project promotion work in the WeChat community;

2)With the launch of the “Community Nodes” program, the SMT&MESH team launched the [SMT Red Packets] activity to the entire community. WeChat clicks to receive SMT tokens, and WeChat community users actively participated in the event;

3)The operation team arranged to allocate 10 “community node” users, and settled in 10 pilot WeChat groups to carry out official management community and community promotion.

4、The MeshBox Ministry of Commerce has initially selected a reliable international import and export company as a strategic partner of MeshBox, which will help MeshBox export to all parts of the world.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time.

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