MeshBox Weekly(2019.4.8–2019.4.14)

SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently bombarded the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, on Twitter, for the latter’s plan to send satellites into orbit to form a space Internet plagiarized is really his ideas. The plagiarism referred to by Musk is actually aimed at Amazon’s announcement five days ago that it would launch 3,236 communications satellites into low-Earth orbit, thus providing fast, low-latency Internet access services on a global scale. Musk’s SpaceX also launched a similar program in February last year, when it launched a number of Starlink Internet satellites via the Falcon 9 rocket, which was the first step in its formation of 4,425 satellite networks. Once the low-altitude orbit is completed, SpaceX will further launch a larger, denser cluster of satellites, launching 7,518 satellites at a low altitude of 340 kilometers (211 miles) from the ground.

We have no intention to judge whether Bezos copied Musk. In fact, there are far more than two on the satellite Internet track. Sun Zhengyi, Google, Facebook, China Aerospace Science and Technology, and China Aerospace Science and Technology have made great progress. The world’s top scientific and technological talents are gathering in the field of integration of the world, but no matter which company launches the satellite, the MeshBox is the indispensable last-mile access solution in the integration of heaven and earth. What MeshBox, our technology, products and market bring new developments this week ? When the long-awaited technical knowledge live broadcast classroom will open ?

1. For the version of the Singapore demonstration in May, MeshBox APP version 1.1, Meshbox V1.2.2 version, completed the second round of testing, the box system software added the function of proxy cache. For areas with limited Internet bandwidth connectivity, this feature can increase website access speed and bandwidth consumption; this is also a key feature in the Philippine deployment to improve the user experience at the application level.

2. MeshBox APP V1.2.1 version, plans to increase the function between the box and the box, between the box and the mobile phone, Photon creation channel, storage, cash withdrawal, transfer and close channel, the requirements and interaction design documents have been reviewed, entering the development stage . This development is an important part of the SmartMesh Ecology Program to build a global micro-payment platform for the Internet of Thing.

1. MeshBox Maxwell Project The inconsistency between the physical and the small details of the drawings confirmed by the shell mold is being processed.

2. MeshBox Maxwell project Power motherboard continues to test.

3. MeshBox Tesla project Electrical schematic review and rectification completed.

4. MeshBox Tesla project PCB layout development.

5. The MeshBox Tesla project is contacted by the Safety Laboratory.

  1. good news! The MeshBox trademark, which was commissioned by the Singapore MeshBox Foundation and commissioned by Beijing-based Technology Co., Ltd., a Chinese-funded enterprise in China, has applied for registration successfully! From the top right corner of the MeshBox logo, you can add the ® logo!

2. The deployment of MeshBox in the Super Mall in the Philippines is an important part of the marketing plan. The marketing team is planning the IoT Pratt & Whitney Financial Summit in the Philippines in August, to deploy and demonstrate the SmartMesh network in the large Shopping Mall. We have established partnerships with the Philippines’ inclusive financial projects, Geniisto, Mindgenix and Traxtion. These inclusive financial projects hope to use the blockchain payment network to better solve the problem of sending subsidies to the poor. Government and non-profit charitable organizations hope these charities don’t use money to buy alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. The blockchain network can make this process transparent and solve the problem of many people in the Philippines without bank accounts. Then deploying MeshBox between Super Mall and Sari-Sari Store to form SmartMesh network will enable Inclusive Finance to fully cover from poor areas without networks to cities with networks.

3. In the middle and late this month, Mr. Bai Zhenxuan, head of SmartMesh Photon and Atmosphere cross-chain project, will hold a lecture on the theme of “Photon and Blockchain Layer 2 Network” in the community. The speech will be broadcast live.

The following is a description of the photonic network:

As a chain payment network on the Spectrum blockchain, Photon has the advantages of security, speed, scalability and low cost, which can meet the chain payment requirements of various scenarios. Photon can run on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS), support chain payment, off-internet payment (with mesh network), cross-chain applications, third-party monitoring and routing payment, etc. Photon networks will provides Spectrum numerous DAPPs on the blockchain provide scalability requirements supports. MeshBox is a smart device that carries both Spectrum and Photon networks.

4. The head of MeshBox’s marketing team in the Philippines is planning a China visit and the “Philippines Financial Technology Forum” to let more Filipinos know the advanced technology of MeshBox and provide more opportunities for people to change their quality of life. At the same time, there are already many volunteers in the community who are willing to join our overseas community nodes. We also hope that if your English ability is not adequte, or if you want to improve your English level and are willing to participate in the overseas community program, please contact Customer service (WeChat: SmartMesh) registration.

5. On Friday, April 12, Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng, consultant of MeshBox, was invited to participate in the “China Green Blockchain Standards Development Seminar”, and at the meeting, sharing and reporting with the theme “Application of Blockchain in 5G and Mesh Fusion”.

On the afternoon of April 12th, MeshBox’s consultant Mr. Wang Qiheng participated in an event organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, sponsored by China Electronic Energy Conservation Technology Association, China Electronic Energy Conservation Technology Association, Green Blockchain Committee, and China Electronic Energy Conservation Technology Association, “China Green Blockchain Standards Development Seminar”.

At the meeting, Mr Wang shared and reported on “Application of Blockchain in 5G and Mesh Fusion”, which was well received by the guests. After the meeting, China Electronics Energy Conservation Association The Secretary-General invited Mr Henry Wang Qiheng to participate in the communication conference hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Shenzhen on May 19.

6. MeshBox and SmartMesh and the President’s Digital Economy Consultant Mr. Henri’s company today signed the NDA, and the two sides will discuss in depth the cooperation plan in Indonesia. The Philippines is an important model country for the deployment of SmartMesh and MeshBox ecosystems. Indonesia is close to the Philippines and has many similarities. The success and experience of the deployment in the Philippines will undoubtedly make MeshBox’s deployment in Indonesia more rapid and direct. Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest population country, and the island is more than double the Philippines. The signing and cooperation of NDA has opened the market for MeshBox deployment in Indonesia.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time.

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