MeshBox Weekly Report (2019.4.15-2019.4.21)

SpaceX made significant progresses in the last two years. Falcon 9 Rocket is attracting more and more commercial launching order, heavy-lift Falcon has launched successfully twice and the company has won the human spaceflight contract from NASA. It is now the first private company that has the ability to send human into space in the history. It also started its plan to build space Internet, so called construction of space and earth integrated network.


However, there are many setbacks before the successes.


In the morning of April 21st, 2019 (UTC +9), a lot of orange smoke come up from the test field of Space X in Kennedy, USA. The spokesman of SpaceX declared that the accident was caused by the malfunction of the launch pad. The influences of this accident still cannot be assessed. The space-earth Internet project of SpaceX must be successful in the future, but success will come with price.


As the indispensable “Last Kilometer” Solution of the construction of space and earth integrated network, MeshBox is never afraid of challenges and difficulties, just like SpaceX!


This is what we’ve done in this week:



Technology Progress



1.MeshBox APP V1.2.1, adding new function such as creating Photon channel, depositing, withdrawing and closing channel between two MeshBox, MeshBox and mobile phone. This version is being developed and debugged.

2.MeshBox system software V1.2.3, planning to add new function such as paying for internet according to how much data is used, self-update of system software and improve interaction design. This version is being developed.



  1. MeshBox Maxwell:Motherboard is going through final assessment
  2. MeshBox Tesla: The first appearance model is completed, now is going through optimization.
  3. MeshBox Tesla: Assessing PCB and going through relevant perfection
  4. MeshBox Tesla: Confirmation of certificated content in Philippines
    1. Official release of the MeshBox whole series!

    Congratulations! MeshBox team received the sample of MeshBox Tesla. Though it’s only a sample, but it’s already exciting for us. It means that MeshBox Team has completed the product series which is three products: MeshBox Maxwell for indoor, MeshBox Tesla for commercial and MeshBox+ for outdoor. This is a huge progress for the deployment of MeshBox in this year.


    Here’s the leaking photo of MeshBox, take a look!

    1. Technical Salon – The live event of “Layer2 Technology’s Past and Present” was held as scheduled at 8pm on April 20.

    At 8 o’clock on the evening of April 20, Bai Zhenxuan, the director of Chongqing R&D Center, brought the live sharing of “Layer2 Technology” to everyone. A total of 1073 people watched the live broadcast on the WeChat applet “Group TV”. More than 20 users presented the Layer 2 network and MeshBox related questions to the guests, and received detailed answers from the guests. If you haven’t had time to watch this knowledge live, you can go to the WeChat applet “Group TV” to watch the complete [Layer2 technology past and present] live review.

    In order to provide you with an opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the guests, we have specially set up a two-tier network discussion group. Currently, there are more than 160 WeChat users entering the group, of which more than 100 are new users outside our community.


    The following is a partial record of the live event:

    1. MeshBox and Huiner Technology held a telephone conference. Huiner Technology is China’s leading big data business application company who own the largest domestic market share. Its partners are well-known domestic commercial projects such as Wanda Commercial. MeshBox and Huiner will start on our cooperation very soon, including the development of the Philippines and Southeast Asia markets. The world’s largest Shopping Mall Group is in the Philippines; through the cooperation we can work together for the network communication and big data collection and application for Shopping Mall, while the global blockchain IoT Inclusive Financial Summit may be located in Manila’s largest SM Shopping Mall (It is also one of the largest Shopping Malls in the world). At present, it is almost impossible to connect to the Wi-Fi in Philippines Shopping Malls. We’ll present and highlight how MeshBox and SmartMesh will change the Internet connection to the whole world.
  1. MeshBox and SmartMesh team are invited to join the Philippines and China Fintech Forum in Tai`an, Shan Dong, Apr. 26th. The purpose of this forum is to promote the collaboration between China and Philippines in the field of Blockchain technology. Philippines and China Forum has already held twice in Philippines. In 26th, Tai`An, departments from Philippines government are also invited. MeshBox will also join the summit to share the technology of cash which is combined with inclusive finance.


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