MeshBox Magic box Weekly(2019.4.22-2019.4.28)

On April 24, 1970, Dongfanghong No. 1 was launched and it was confirmed as China Aerospace Day. Recently, the 5th International Symposium on Small Satellite Technology was held on “Aerospace Day”. At the meeting, Jiang Jun, deputy general manager of Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Ltd., spoke, “Promoting the integration of space technology and interdisciplinary through international academic exchanges and seminars. Promote the construction of integrated information networks and services in the world, and promote the commercialization and internationalization of small satellites.”


Why is the development of world-integrated commercial construction so imported? Not half of the 19 years has past, the Internet giants already announced plans to launch a satellite network to explore the satellite world of heaven and earth. The “space war” has started.


At the same time, the new technology represented by blockchain technology will further promote system upgrade and industrial revolution in this field. The combination of trusted computing and world-wide integration under the support of blockchain technology will be closer, thus promoting satellites. Information networks are moving towards practical and commercialization.


Dear friends, countdown to the Labor Day holiday! The MeshBox team wishes everyone a happy holiday!

Software :


  1. MeshBox APP version 1.2, increase the function between the box and the box, open the channel, cash out, and close the channel between the box and the mobile phone. The Android version has been submitted for testing.
  2. MeshBox system software V1.2.3 version, increase the per-flow paid Internet access function, is developing; modify the BUG of the web page.



  1. MeshBox Maxwell Project Board model design review and delivery board manufacturer.
  2. MeshBox Maxwell Project Before the shell design data is archived, our company confirms the data and the physical object.
  3. MeshBox Maxwell Project Submission of minor modifications to the system software.
  4. MeshBox Tesla Project Appearance for the first sample optimization program.
  5. MeshBox Tesla project PCB delivery motherboard manufacturer.
  6. MeshBox Tesla Project Philippine Certification Content Confirmation and Preparation and Laboratory Signing Agreement.



The August summit project entered the product design stage as a whole. 1) The conference presentation is divided into three major demonstrations: network communication, payment technology, and SMT circulation scenarios. The network communication demonstration process includes paid Internet access and distribution, and Internet link backup. The payment technology demonstration process includes SmartMesh APP download and acquisition of wallet address and cross. Transfers (spectrum and photon mode); SMT circulation scenario demonstrations include shopping, near-field socialization, marketing campaigns, and advertising. 2) Set up a Singapore demonstration environment and prepare for testing.




  1. MeshBox, SmartMesh, Boda Guangtong Internet of Things and Xidian IOT Industry Research Institute reached a strategic partnership.

Since MeshBox and SmartMesh reached a strategic partnership with Boda Guangtong IoT, Sanfang and Xidian IOT Industry Research Institute have reached a multi-party strategic partnership, and many parties will combine their own strengths and advantages to combine blockchain technology with the Internet of Things. Contribute to it and actively work on the standards development of the Internet of Things. Xidian IOT Industry Research Institute, the “Internet of Things + Smart City” Industry Alliance, is organized by Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology. Based on the promotion of the sustainable development goals of the Xidian Alumni Association, it conforms to the national development strategy, integrates alumni resources, and combines Yantai and Weihai. Consider the advantages of urban development. It is hoped that the alumni’s professional advantages and industry experience in the information field, Internet of Things, big data, smart city, etc. will be consolidated in the form of alliances, seize the opportunity of the development of national smart cities, effectively integrate all aspects of alumni resources, and gather outstanding domestic and foreign alumni companies. Organizations, experts and scholars, strong alliances, and group development.


  1. MeshBox consultant Henry Wang Qiheng, CEO of Boda Guangtong IoT Corporation Liao Yuan and the head of Xidian Qingdao Research Institute visited Qingdao and Haier to discuss the deep cooperation of the Internet of Things and prepare to establish a joint lab of blockchain Internet of Things. MeshBox, as a node of the Internet of Everything, will provide edge computing and distributed storage for the Internet of Things based on blockchain technology. At the same time, this new IoT solution will bring industrial upgrades to the traditional home appliance industry.


  1. At 19:00 on April 26th, MeshBox Commercial Director He Jun and SmartMesh founder Wang Qiheng and COO Qian Lei were invited to participate in the “One Belt, One Road Southeast Asia Sea Prospect” and exchanged views with representatives of Singapore and the Philippines who participated in the Belt and Road Summit. . SmartMesh will focus on the Meetup in Singapore at the end of May and the “Global Blockchain IoT Pratt & Whitney Financial Summit” and the “Blockchain Landing Application Ecology Achievements Exhibition” hosted in Manila, Philippines in August.


  1. MeshBox Commercial Director He Jun recently met with the Huiner Technology team to discuss the specific application of MeshBox in SM Shopping Mall in the Philippines, and will go to the Philippines for a field trip in mid-May. At present, Wi-Fi in SM Shopping Mall in the Philippines is almost impossible to connect to the Internet. In such a scene, the display will highlight the changes that MeshBox and SmartMesh bring to human connectivity.


  1. Some members of MeshBox team and SmartMesh team members held an outdoor development activity on Sunday. The event consisted of free orchard, outdoor buffet barbecue, live CS, karaoke, and group photo. The team’s small partners actively participated in various activities and exchanged their career development plans and prospects for the company’s future development. Through this outdoor expansion activity, team members have realized multi-dimensional communication, and the future cooperation between them will be smoother and closer!

All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time.

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