MeshBox Weekly(2019.08.19–2019.08.25)

“I am happy to accept the position of CEO of MeshBox Foundation.  Since I joined MeshBox as Chief Scientist in February, 2018, then becoming CTO, I have enjoyed working with a talented team of managers, engineers, and business people at SmartMesh and MeshBox.  We are united in our common goal to bring a HyperMesh Infrastructure to the world, helping people to become more connected, with access to banking services and electricity.  I truly appreciate you, our community members for your enthusiastic and steadfast support in bringing about this paradigm shift, which helps steer the human race on the right path to peace and prosperity.”

MeshBox Foundation CEO Dr. Peter Yan


Dr. Peter Yan (US citizenship) has been involved in semiconductor and wireless communication equipment technology for more than 20 years. His work experience at Broadcom and Huawei in the US has given him an in-depth understanding of wireless connectivity, distributed computing and storage technologies, as well as the disadvantages of centralization of cutting-edge communication systems such as 5G. Dr. Peter is a believer in HyperMesh changing the world, and the transformation from Chief Scientist to Chief Technology Officer to Chief Executive Officer marks the evolution of MeshBox from architecture to research and development to deployment.

  1. Version V2.2.4 of MeshBox system software and version V1.3 of MeshBox APP Android and IOS, adding functions such as creating wallet, spectral transfer and displaying device connection status, optimizing the English translation, basically completing the test and preparing for release.

2.MeshBox system software V2.2.5, MeshBox APP Android and IOS V1.4, writing requirements and interaction design. This version is planned for the polish experimental network.

  1. Elevate the priority of MeshBox Tesla and MeshBox Mate projects, and accelerate the deployment of MeshBox in Singapore, Philippines and Poland.

2.MeshBox Tesla, MeshBox Mate and MeshBox Maxwell performed as expected in the mining test of the r&d center. Due to the network card with advanced power saving functions caused by the node dropped by shielding problem has been solved.

  1. During the WiFi cooker test of MeshBox Tesla project, the WiFi hardware/drive part was free of failure for 336 hours in the cumulative test of this week.
  2. The alpha shell of MeshBox Tesla project initially tested the unified goal of improvement, and the thermal test was included as part of the DVT test, which was combined with the problem of weak WiFi signal and then waited for the test.
  3. Six of the 15 machines in this batch have been delivered to MeshBox Tesla project, and 14 of the machines have been delivered so far. In the third week of internal acceptance test.
  4. According to the test report of MeshBox Tesla project, the RF output signal level should be improved in this batch, and the RF expert team is now in the process of system analysis and planning. The purchase of components is waiting for the return of installation and test.

  1. This week, staff adjustments were made within the MeshBox Foundation,Former Dr. MeshBox CTO Peter Yan served as CEO, former co-founder of the MeshBox Foundation and CEO Xiao Yongquan changed to CSO (Chief Strategy Officer). Dr. Peter Yan published an open letter to the MeshBox Foundation CEO position in the MeshBox and SmartMesh communities. The following are the details of the open letter:

2.On August 20, MeshBox Commercial Director Jedi, SmartMesh COO Kent and Chief Business Development Officer Sunshine visited a state-owned holding company. The two sides exchanged views on cooperation in building smart factories, smart parks and smart cities. The company has a mine in Brazil and is a key project of the Belt and Road Initiative.


3.On August 21, Henry Wang, Chief Consultant of MeshBox, Liao Yuan, Chairman of Beijing GTI IOG Technology , President Ge and his colleagues from Qingdao Research Institute of Xidian visited Qingdao Haier and held the second meeting with its senior management. The meeting on the multi-joint establishment of blockchain research institute to jointly commit to the formulation of world standards and project research and development conducted in-depth exchanges.

  1. On August 26, Harry Xiao, Chief Strategy Officer of MeshBox, convened an important meeting on the development strategy and financial arrangement of MeshBox at the R&D center in Beijing. Mr. Henry Wang , consultant of MeshBox attended the meeting at the scene, and Mr. Peter, CEO of MeshBox attended the meeting remotely in Dallas, USA. Harry Xiao listened to the report of MeshBox products, R&D and testers, and worked with Peter and Henry Wang to formulate the priority of MeshBox R&D and deployment in consideration of the policies and market demands of Singapore, the Philippines and Poland.
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