MeshBox Weekly(2019.08.26–2019.09.01)

On August 31, Henry Wang, chief consultant of MeshBox, and Sunshine, Chief Business Development Officer of SmartMesh, participated in the “Singapore Blockchain Day” at the invitation of chairman Chia of Singapore Token Economy Association. Chia, after sharing the stage with Henry, introduced MeshBox to various government officials and university leaders.

On September 2, Henry Wang, chief consultant of MeshBox and Sunshine Sunshine, Chief Business Development of SmartMesh, discussed the establishment of a Living Lab in Singapore xinyue university together with professor li guoquan and the finance department of Singapore xinyue university.

  1. Version V2.2.4 of MeshBox system software and version V1.3 of MeshBox APP Android and IOS, adding functions such as creating wallet, spectral transfer and displaying device connection status, optimizing English translation, which has been released.

2.MeshBox system software V2.2.5, MeshBox APP Android and IOS V1.4, completed requirements and interactive design review, and started development. This version plans to add device management in the same Mesh group to the APP; Add WiFi country code, channel and bandwidth Settings; Visitors network, increase the input password or do not need to enter a password to access the Internet; Mesh distinguishes 2.4g and 5G switches; Increase wireless Client access to the Internet; Photonic information adds the function of uploading photonic log information.

  1. At the weekly meeting, Tesla project of MeshBox drew up the earliest delivery time of prototype needed by potential customers for development and commercial verification, which is now under intensive preparation; The meeting also discussed the progress of internal software development.
  2. Improved RF output signal level of MeshBox Tesla project; Continue to complete the receiving and analysis of purchased experimental materials.
  3. WiFi cooker test of MeshBox Tesla project. In the continued test of WiFi cooker by the end of last week, the WiFi free hardware/drive part was all right.


The specific work of the market is as follows:

1.On August 27, a team of financial services company visited to communicate products and business with the MeshBox and SmartMesh teams, which are committed to building the next generation of financial services with new technologies such as blockchain. At present, Fabric technology has been used to realize the operation of business on any public chain. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation on the Singapore Sunshine project, campus credit data application and digital inter-currency settlement.

2.On August 31, Henry Wang, chief consultant of MeshBox, and Mr. Sunshine, Chief Business Development Officer of SmartMesh, attended the “Singapore blockchain day” at the invitation of chairman Chia of the Singapore Token Economy Association. In his speech, wang said that in the next decade, tens of thousands of low-orbit satellites and ground-based MeshBox and SmartMesh will form a space-heaven integration network that will connect all mankind. Many old jobs will be replaced by AI and blockchain, and many new jobs will be created because of the Internet of everything.

3.At 13:00 PM on September 2, Henry Wang and Sunshine discussed the cooperation details of the Sunshine project in its university and tradable energy applications with the head of the nanyang technological university (NTU) energy laboratory in Singapore. Mr. Wang discussed the details of using spectra and photons to process energy transactions with Jas, which is in charge of the energy blockchain.

4.At 16:00 PM on September 2, Henry Wang and Sunshine,together with professor David Lee  and finance department of SUSS, exchanged details of the establishment of a Living Lab in SUSS, which will put Singapore at the top of the global block chain landing application ecology.

5.On the evening of September 2, Ms. Chen Danru, consultant of MeshBox, met Henry Wang and Sunshine. Ms Chen, a former managing director of hanergy investments, led early investments in alibaba and sina. Chen was very happy to learn about the progress of MeshBox in Singapore. She said she would do her part to help MeshBox grow in Singapore.


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