MeshBox Weekly(2019.09.02–2019.09.08)

Mr. Henry Wang, consultant of MeshBox, was invited to attend the 6th Global Integrated Circuits and sensors Summit and China Internet of things applications Summit held in Guangzhou from October 10 to 12 and delivered a keynote speech at the “Commercial Aerospace Beidou Navigation Sub-Forum”. The topic of the lecture is “World Integration networking and next Generation HyperMesh Architecture”.

The 5G link network mentioned in the “China 5G chain Network Industry Summit” held in Nanjing is modelled on SmartMesh and MeshBox as well as the integrated networking of satellite and heaven. Yuandao and his team have visited SmartMesh and MeshBox’s R & D center many times to exchange SmartMesh network, Photon network and offline payment.

In the next 5-10 years, the world’s leading scientific and technological countries will be committed to the next generation of high-and low-orbit hybrid high-capacity satellite communications, stratosphere floaters or UAVs and other areas of technological innovation, as well as the spatial information industry and block chain, 5G deep integration innovation.

While China speeds up the commercial deployment of 5G, the United States, Japan and European countries are speeding up the research of 6G, based on terahertz frequency, using large-scale Leo satellite system as the aerial platform to introduce point-to-point and de-cellular network architecture. The 6G future has quietly arrived.

However, the biggest sadness in the world is that you are already studying 6G, but I can’t even afford 3G! Note that there is no 3G signal. The Cavite around Manila, the capital of the Philippines, has 3G signals, but most locals cannot afford it. Yes, the reality is so cruel. Of course, there are many places in the world where there is no signal. Block chain is not only to make 6G faster, but with pass incentives (inclusive connection, inclusive finance) to enable human beings to better connect, equality, freedom, security, privacy! The HyperMesh architecture is dedicated to this! The MeshBox series is an intelligent device that hosts the HyperMesh hypersplit architecture.

1.MeshBox system software version V2.2.5, MeshBox APP Android and IOS v1.4, complete requirements and interaction design review, complete UI design, system software and APP are being developed. This version plans to increase the management of devices in the same group as APP; WiFi settings to increase WIFI country code, channel and bandwidth settings; visitor network, increase the way to enter passwords or do not need to enter passwords to access the Internet; Mesh distinguish between 2.4G and 5G switches; Internet access mode to increase wireless Client Internet access; photonic information to increase the ability to upload photonic log information.


  1. Evaluate the software management plan of new product Turing and Mate, and determine the technical feasibility and development cycle.


  1. Do the requirements analysis of the network management platform, basically determine the prototype requirements of the network management platform on the basis of scenario analysis, competition analysis and technical scheme comparison, and begin to do the technical scheme verification.


  1. The shell of the MeshBox Tesla project has been adjusted according to the transformation of RF, and has been adjusted and modified according to the previous version.


2. MeshBox Tesla project RF output signal level improvement signal evaluation test for the applied connector, RF ic and antenna samples. After the current basic positioning will be possible to use materials, followed by small batch procurement.


3. MeshBox Tesla project LOGO reproofing has received samples.



  1. On Sept. 3, Henry Wang, chief consultant of MeshBox, met with Yi Ming, founder of Tribe Accelerator and OpenNodes in Singapore. OpenNodes is an open distribution platform supported by IMDA and MAS. Yi Ming said that after SmartMesh created Living Lab, it would organize member enterprises to visit and cooperate with each other.

  1. September 5, MeshBox chief adviser Herny Wang and Philippine Pratt & Whitney Wi-Fi company CEO cordial exchanges in Manila, the two sides business model is a good match. In response to the demand for public Wi-Fi in the Philippines, some places are unlikely to have the Internet for five years, but can only provide local area networks. MeshBox and SmartMesh can enrich and diversify the Pratt & Whitney connection model. On September 6, the company CTO and Field Engineer accompanied Henry Wang to Cavite near Manila for field docking tests. The two sides will sign MOA to work together on network connectivity in the Philippines


  1. On September 5, Henry Wang, chief consultant of MeshBox, communicated with CEO, a manufacturer of Crypto ATM, which plans to spread its ATM around the world, but the lack of networks around the world makes ATM deployment difficult. MeshBox and SmartMesh can use Mesh networks and integrated networks to expand the scope of ATM deployment, while giving ATM a richer and more diverse model around it. On the evening of Sept. 6, the company’s CEO and technicians debugged the network with Henry Wang. The two sides will sign MOA to work together on the global deployment of the ATM network.

  1. 5G direction cooperation progress, with an operator provincial operating company for preliminary contact, the two sides on the last kilometer access, 5G indoor base station business applications and personal applications for preliminary communication, MeshBox current business model and operating company needs have a high degree of matching, MeshBox will further improve the cooperation program, next week for more in-depth communication.
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