MeshBox Weekly(2019.10.14-2019.10.20)

This month will go down in the history of MeshBox and SmartMesh. We have lots of good news. The Singapore Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)  (IMDA) released the “Singapore Blockchain Landscape 2019″, where SmartMesh is in the area of Data, Cloud and Communication services. We all know that MeshBox is responsible for the network connection and the smart gateway of the Internet of Everything as the most important part of the SmartMesh ecosystem. This is the pride of MeshBox team and SmartMesh team.

At the same time, the MeshBox team was invited to attend the event to be held at the Singapore Fintech Hub during the “2019 Singapore Fintech Festival” and offered a free booth. MeshBox and SmartMesh will showcase the changes we bring to the world, covering many aspects including communication, finance and education. MeshBox and SmartMesh will have more exciting news coming soon, so stay tuned!

Here is our specific work this week:

1.MeshBox system software V2.2.5 version, MeshBox APP Android and IOS V1.4 version, Tesla version and Maxwell version, Turing prototype version have been tested; Turing completed photon performance test; thisversion has been released. This version of APP adds device management in the same Mesh group; WiFi settings increase WIFI country code, channel and bandwidth settings; guest network increases access the Internet with or without password; Mesh distinguishes 2.4G and 5G switches; The wireless client access to the Internet is available now; the Photon information increases the function of uploading Photon log information.

2.MeshBox system software V2.2.6 version, MeshBox APP Android and IOS V1.5 version, Turing WIFI related configuration optimization has been completed and tested; Development of Tesla mobile network access has begun. Optimized paid Internet pages; increased Mesh group pay online synchronization and other functions.

3. MeshBox industry user background prototype, user login and registration function development completed.

Re-confirm some parts through tight deployment. The time to convert the remaining alpha engineering prototype to the Beta version of the engineering prototype is determined as follows: The final host part (excluding the antenna) is planned to be modified around October 30th. The antenna section will be selected from multiple samples for the next batch. A variety of samples will be submitted to future FCC tests. The documents submitted for CCC certification last week are waiting for feedback; three options of the redesign of the tags have been submitted for selection and confirmation.

1.On October 17, Henry Wang, Chief Adviser of the MeshBox Foundation, presented a speech entitled “Inclusive Connection and Inclusive Finance” to a 14-member delegation from the Korean banking community at the invitation of the Singapore Fintech Hub.

Henry Wang, Chief Adviser of the MeshBox Foundation, had in-depth conversations, conducted MeshBox and firewall configuration tests and interviewed interns at SUSS. SmartMesh will cooperate with SUSS in teaching, research, marketing and many other areas.

4. While making rapid progress in Singapore, the SmartMesh Foundation and MeshBox Foundation have not stopped their development in the Philippine market. This week, the team focused on the “Philippines National Surfing Competition and Music Festival” to be held in the Philippines next week. MeshBox is the Wifi Mesh network provider for this large event and also a platinum sponsor. This is the first time that Meshbox and SMTtoken have been applied to large-scale events. We believe this is also the first practical application of theblockchain token system in human connectivity.


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