MeshBox Weekly Report(2020.01.06-2020.01.12)

The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), SmartMesh, and MeshBox invite you to attend the opening ceremony of the Blockchain Living Lab. The Living Lab is one of the challenge areas in IMDA’s Blockchain Challenge, where selected proposals can receive a grant to interoperate with the SmartMesh Spectrum blockchain and MeshBox hardware.

The opening ceremony will introduce SmartMesh and MeshBox technologies, and highlight the Living Lab setup at SUSS, which is co-created between SmartMesh HyperMesh ecosystem partners.  

We welcome industry business leaders, institutes of higher learning, and innovators to attend and join us in developing a comprehensive solution to address inclusive and real-world use cases.  If your company does not currently use blockchain, come and learn ways for securing, streamlining, and boosting your company’s business activities with blockchain. If your company currently utilizes blockchain technology, come and join the blockchain interoperability collaboration and together, we will create a distributed open system.


Date: 15 January 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 10AM-12PM

Venue: Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Block C.4.10.

Here are the specifics of this week:

  1. MeshBox system software upgrade project, the system resets OpenWRT 17 to OpenWRT19. Mesh module code migration is completed, submitted module for testing;
  2. Preparation of Singapore Government Blockchain Interoperability Competition Living Lab Global Platform

1) Tahoe, Alita and YottaChain programs run successfully on MeshBox;

2) Distributed communication project Scuttlebutt is running MeshBox for installation and debugging. Scuttlebutt supports three network structures, P2P, local network and remote communication.

3) Prepare equipment and versions for the opening ceremony of Living Lab, release new versions of MeshBox APP and Tesla, correct some errors and improve system stability.

Tesla FCC certification progress:

The documentation for the test guidance provided by the certification laboratory is being completed as required.

At present, the machine has completed the requirements for sending test samples, and is waiting for the certification laboratory company to arrange the time to start the test.

Maxwell’s SRRC certification:

The SRRC bottom-up test report has been received, and the company’s technical department is evaluating it and consulting the company’s consultants. An application for text certification will be submitted to the SRRC next week.

  1. MeshBox-based HyperMesh architecture, which is open and inclusive, has effectively helped the rapid development of the SmartMesh ecosystem. On January 15, 2020, the Living Lab initiated by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), SmartMesh Foundation and MeshBox Foundation will officially commence at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. MeshBox will carry ecological applications such as distributed computing, distributed storage, distributed communications, the Internet of Things, and privacy and security. Living Lab takes the participation in Singapore IMDA Challenge as a touch point and gradually develops ecological applications into commercial products.
  2. On January 11th, He Jun, Commercial Director of MeshBox, and Mr. Hou, Deputy General Manager of Tai Cloud, communicated on the issue of commercial WiFi network monitoring, user privacy protection, and future public security departments’ exploration and application of blockchain. Business details are being communicated further.
  3. The MeshBox system platform will be upgraded with a new version. The upgraded system will integrate ecological applications more quickly and efficiently, further improving the development and inclusiveness of MeshBox, and will also have a more professional system architecture and higher stability.
  4. Distributed storage has always been one of the most important ecological applications of MeshBox. MeshBox will open and cooperate with many distributed storage applications to explore from ecological applications to productization. The commercial director of MeshBox will jointly promote the distributed storage of YottaChain product managers to the commercial distributed small computer room.
  5. MeshBox and GTI will enter a multi-faceted cooperation phase, including equity, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other fields. This week, we will mainly promote the design of Lora boards and mesh BSN chains that are available on MeshBox. The conference will solidly promote the implementation of more cooperation.

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