MeshBox Weekly Report(2020.01.13-2020.01.20)

Ten Tesla MeshBoxes appeared at the opening ceremony of the Singapore Blockchain Living Lab! “AsiaNews TV Channel” (CNA) reported the opening ceremony of the Singapore Blockchain Living Lab and had an exclusive interview with MeshBox advisor Mr. Henry Wang that evening.

Mr. Wang, who came back from Singapore just after the opening ceremony, immediately welcomed the visit of Chairman Liao from the partner GTI. Living Lab partners are busy with the planning of the interoperability challenge. Meshbox adds a distributed search ecosystem partner Netta. Compared with traditional search, Netta can better understand user intentions and use better algorithms to improve the recall and accuracy of search results. The cooperation between MeshBox and GTI is deepened, and both parties will implement the ABIOT platform plan according to the established schedule. MeshBox and Tai Cloud has divided the collaboration into short-term and long-term for steady advancement.

  1. MeshBox system software upgrade project, the system will be upgraded from OpenWRT 17 to OpenWRT 19. WEB framework migration is completed;
  2. Cooperate with the live demonstration of the Singapore Living Lab to remotely debug the equipment.

Tesla FCC certification progress:

Has been evaluated with the certification laboratory: text work before the test, hardware list, test sample list, and disassembly instructions. The prepared prototypes and documents have been mailed to the certified company’s laboratory for actual testing.


Maxwell’s SRRC certification:

The SRRC bottom-up test report has been received, and the company’s technical department is evaluating it. Currently, the laboratory is required to provide a declarative explanation based on the test report and wait for the issue to be submitted.

On January 15, 10 Tesla MeshBoxes appeared in Singapore’s first Living Lab, initiated by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), SmartMesh Foundation, and MeshBox Foundation. Tesla carried distributed applications such as distributed computing, network-less payment, and cross-chain payment at the opening ceremony.

  1. The MeshBox ecosystem welcomes a distributed search partner Netta. Compared with existing mainstream search engines, Netta can not only better understand the user’s search intent, but also based on a completely different index structure and iterative search algorithm, improving recall and precision of search results. The addition of distributed search has further enriched the SmartMesh ecosystem. MeshBox and Netta will submit application solutions to IMDA based on the Living Lab distributed search related cooperation. Chairman Liao of GTI visited the company and made further communication on further increasing the cooperative relationship and promoting the implementation of the ABIOT platform program. Based on the Living Lab cooperation, the two parties plan to submit the ABIOT (AI + BlockChain + IOT) platform solution to IMDA before January 31st. The hardware board R&D schematic diagram was basically completed, and the PCB process was started in early February. The research and development of the 3.0 version of the platform was started around February 15.

  1. The cooperation between MeshBox and TAI Cloud is advancing steadily. The cooperation with TAI Cloud will be divided into near-term cooperation and long-term cooperation. In the near future, the two parties will jointly submit a cross-chain interoperability solution for private domain space (data protection and access rights) to IMDA based on the Living Lab cooperation. In the long-term, they will jointly develop potential domestic markets and promote the application of blockchain in the field of public safety.
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