MeshBox Biweekly Report(2020.3.21-2020.04.03)

For the past few weeks, COVID-19 is being spread unstoppably around the globe, infecting more than one million people. At the same time, China, which has already effectively suppressed the spreading of the virus, is lending a helping hand to more than 80 countries around the world. This time, the situation will get better, because someone else is building the path for you. The Chinese will never forget those who helped protected them from the virus, but we always overlook those who guard us against the ‘political virus’.

Recently, there has been a rumor of ‘hidden number of unreported COVID-19 deaths’, which was reposted and spread throughout the English social media. A video on YouTube regarding this rumor has attracted more than 0.4 million views. The gossip centers around doubts of the official death tolls reported by the Chinese government, claiming that the number is not thousands, but rather as high as 21 million, which corresponds to the decrease in number of users of the largest three telecommunication companies in China. MeshBox contacted the person in charge at CGTN. Our contact communicated with the three respective telecom companies and obtained the truth, which dispels the rumors. Here is the relevant video from CGTN:–PmN92dLcsM/index.html

MeshBox is always dedicated to connect the general public around the world. In addition to development and promotion, we would never turn a blind eye against this kind of behavior which purposely mis-interprets the situation, based on telecom data. Big thanks to the head of CGTN international depart to contact the three telecom companies and the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to produce the video to clarify the situation.

Here are the specifics of this week:

MeshBox system upgrade project. The system was upgraded from OpenWRT 17 to OpenWRT 19, and the conversion for paid Internet online connection was partially completed. The Interface between MeshBox Apps is currently being developed and debugged. After the system upgrade, the first round of tests will start, which mainly focus on Web-related functions.

  1. Due to the spreading of virus, the verification of MeshBox Tesla was delayed. It is now awaiting the certification laboratory and the related partners to get back to full operation. Currently the laboratory is halfway to full resumption of work and is dealing with overwhelming projects.
  2. MeshBox Turing data-mining test and analysis of hard disk storage is being carried out.

  1. This week, Dr. Peter Yan, the CEO of MeshBox, Mr. Henry Wang, our advisor and Marilyn from the marketing department continued to prepare for the application of the Payment Services Act license handled by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Technology Risk Management is one of the areas to be worked out, including technical risk management, anti-money laundry, combating the financing of terrorism and analysis of the risk assessment platform.
  2. Today, MeshBox had an online conference with Veronica, the founder of an inclusive education project in Philippines, and continued to discuss the use-case and educational support provided by MeshBox in the universities of the Philippines and South Africa.
  3. Mr. Henry Wang, an advisor of MeshBox, had several phone conferences with the leader of National Development and Reform Commission of a city. Following their instructions, we submitted a business proposal proposing SmartMesh blockchain technology, low-earth-orbit satellite and the industrialization of Internet of Things (IoT). A meeting was proposed to be held after the epidemic.
  4. A student innovation team from a university contacted the MeshBox Foundation, wishing to start a project based on important goals of SmartMesh and MeshBox, which is to ‘connect the last kilometer’. For the purpose of poverty alleviation, the team wishes to develop based on the mesh network and offline communication application of the SmartMesh protocol, to achieve network connectivity in rural and poor areas. The innovation team aims to build distributed infrastructure services in villages, on top of the SmartMesh blockchain. In addition to communicate with centralized architectures, they wish to develop a hardware storage platform of video entertainment messaging to help people in poor areas to know more about what’s going on outside. Taking advantage of blockchain verification of transaction records among users they plan to customize functions for specific features of each area such as souvenirs and tourists’ spots promotion. By providing comprehensive social services, we can achieve on-the-spot poverty alleviation. This project is still in negotiation.
  5. Dr. Peter Yan, the chief executive officer of MeshBox, Mr. Henry Wang, our advisor and Marilyn from the marketing department signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with BlockSphere, founded by Pandu, the co-founder of Indonesian Blockchain Association and the former marketing head of IBM in Indonesia.
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