MeshBox Biweekly Report(2020.04.04-2020.04.17)

This week, two major events affecting the world’s landscape occurred in the field of blockchain and digital currency.

First, internal testing on the China National Digital Currency DCEP has begun. The download link for the digital currency wallet of the Agricultural Bank of China has been released. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has issued an internal document to the local branch level in preparation for launch.

Second, Libra released version 2.0 of its white paper. Compared with the previous version, there are four important updates:

  1. Offering single-currency stablecoins in addition to the multi-currency coin.
  2. Enhancing the safety of the Libra payment system with a robust compliance framework.
  3. Forgoing the future transition to a permissionless system while maintaining its key economic properties.
  4. Building strong protections into the design of the Libra Reserve.

With this white paper adjustment, Libra starts to offer single-currency stablecoins. Libra in USD will help the hegemony of the US dollar go global. DCEP will also soon enter the global stage, and the two protagonists of the digital currency global war have begun to launch simultaneously. The currency revolution is likely to have a huge impact on the global economy and geopolitics. The future third-world state powers are likely to be unpegged from paper currency. DCEP and Libra will have a profound impact on the world.

In version 2.0, Libra still insists its services target the world’s 1.7 billion users without financial services. However, let’s not forget that half of the world ’s population does not yet have access to the Internet. These people are the target users of both DCEP and Libra, and can be decisive in the battle for market share. Such a demographic happens to be the target area of the Internet connectivity provided by MeshBox. It’s clear that Libra, DCEP, and the epidemic will greatly accelerate the deployment of the last mile of MeshBox and the Space Ground Integration Network. Strictly speaking, such emerging and developing markets will determine the application scale and circulation ranking of digital currencies.

Here are the specifics of this week:

  1. Add rsyslog program, strip smc program log, set the maximum log capacity to 200M
  2. Update the source of the openwrt system and solve the problem that many packages could not be installed or are incompatible in the past,
  3. Write a script to query the running status of smc.
  4. View the problems in the issue list, reproduce and diagnose the cause of the problem one by one, the basics of which are easy to modify have been modified this week.

  1. MeshBox Tesla’s FCC certification work is in progress. The certification laboratory has partially resumed work after the epidemic and is dealing with the backlog of tasks.
  2. In the cooperation between MeshBox and GTI, the LoRa board has entered the trial production stage and is awaiting general production.

The specific work of market commerce is as follows:

  1. This week, MeshBox CEO Peter, Marilyn and Anders of the Singapore Market Department participated in the “COVID-19 Support Package for FinTechs” online webinar organized by the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore). Financial support will be provided by the MAS, only to the Association ’s FinTech certified members. The subsidy can cover services which are linked to the adoption of digital solutions, license fees, office expenses, etc.
  2. MeshBox CEO Peter Yan, advisor Henry Wang, and SmartMesh architect Dr. Scott Wang held a web conference with Dash NEXT co-founder Felix to discuss how to support DASH offline payment in the SmartMesh network and further collaboration in the global market.
  3. MeshBox advisor Mr. Henry Wang was invited to attend the “Blockchain beyond COVID-19 Pandemics” online webinar by Mr. Evan of the World Blockchain Foundation, which was broadcast live worldwide.
  4. MeshBox advisor Mr. Henry Wang was invited by Mr. Jeff Caceres, the founder of NomadFury in the Philippines, to attend the “The Impact of Coronavirus in the Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Business” online webinar that will begin at 8 pm tomorrow night. The seminar will discuss the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the world and the development of blockchain and digital currency after the epidemic. Mr. Henry Wang will show at the seminar how SmartMesh and MeshBox are deployed in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia such as the Philippines to solve the problem of inclusive connectivity, while at the same time, how to take advantage of the SmartMesh network to carry digital currencies such as Libra and DCEP for the development of inclusive financial services. The seminar will be broadcast live worldwide.
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