MeshBox Biweekly Report(2020.06.13-2020.06.26)

Tuesday, June 23rd was the kick off of the SUSS-SmartMesh Blockchain Workshop and the 2020 Blockchain challenge! This was an event hosted by the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) in collaboration with SmartMesh and MeshBox. At 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, a total of 300 people including the SUSS University President, Vice Presidents, Academic Deans, well-known investment institutions, government officials, blockchain experts, SmartMesh/MeshBox ecoystem partners, and hundreds of Singaporean university students attended the workshop opening ceremony. MeshBox CEO Peter Yan and several professors of the SUSS School of Financial Technology co-chaired the Workshop, with Professor David Lee and SmartMesh founder Henry Wang addressing the seminar.

At the beginning of the year, Professor David Lee initiated SmartMesh, MeshBox and SUSS to jointly establish Singapore’s first blockchain Living Lab at SUSS. This seminar and the blockchain competition is the first large-scale activity of the Blockchain Living Lab. Students are experiencing the different blockchain and token technologies that are being released to the world on the distributed blockchain network built by MeshBox. After the end of the month’s course, students can team up to design innovative blockchain applications that cover areas such as inclusive finance and COVID19 epidemic tracing, and participate in the 2020 Singapore Blockchain Challenge.

This is the first time in history that blockchain based tokens (SMT and MESH) are being put to use and circulating in Singapore universities. It is also the first practical application of these tokens in the world.

The SUSS-SmartMesh Blockchain Workshop and the 2020 Singapore Blockchain challenge will last for two months. SmartMesh’s ecoysystem partners also gave speeches during the webinar. The well-known Singapore project JEDTrade introduced a financial inclusion project based on the SmartMesh spectrum chain for cross-chain operations. Dedoco will be creating student certificates based on the Spectrum smart contract, and will update its blockchain-based immutable certificates based on the participants’ attandence. Horizonbase explained how low-orbit satellite constellations can work with the SmartMesh blockchain to build an integrated network application for the world.


Here are the latest updates on work details:

  1. Improved the chkusr interface for MeshBox and Tango APP interaction, and fixed a bug related to an authentication interface popping up on the main network;
  2. Solved a problem where IOS equipment fails to connect to Tesla 2.4G and 5G;
  3. Solved a problem where a client is unable to access the Internet when Portal is enabled in the Mesh state;
  4. Fixed some bugs related to other firmware;
  5. Continued discussion on the MESH token model, analyzed the relevant mechanisms of coverage proofs and conduct targeted security analysis to prepare for further expansion of the interoperable ecology application.


Software Testing

Updated Version:


2020-06-15 16:56:52 v1.2.5.688



2020-06-24 12:47:23 v2.2.5.705


Specific Updated Content:

Maxwell supports the initial debugging of the docker version;

Tesla replaced ath10k driver and related patches;

Added chkusr interface;

Fix some known issues.



Progress of Tesla FCC certification:

The content of silkscreen sticker has been confirmed, and other text documents have also been completed in accordance with the FCC’s first overall submission of feedback requirements.

The second overall submission of the text work for the FCC certification has been submitted and we are waiting for feedback from the certification company.

Integrated the MESH token design, including product architecture design, token circulation design, and MESH coverage certification, formed a draft, and integrated it into the new version of the MeshBox white paper after optimization next week.

  1. As detailed above in the newsletter, Tuesday, June 23rd was the kick off of the SUSS-SmartMesh Blockchain Workshop and the 2020 Blockchain challenge!
  2. A well-known project company, JEDTrade, had their technical lead explain the application of cross-chain interoperability between JedTrade and Smartmesh in the field of supply chain finance at the seminar.
  3. Dedoco, established by Dr. Ernie Teo, Vice President of the Singapore Blockchain Association, has created an electronic identity certification system for students based on the spectrum public chain smart contract. The electronic identity will accompany the students’ entire workshop activities, and the certificates will be updated as the workshop progresses. This certificate will remain on the blockchain as a commemorative certificate.
  4. Jan Winkelmann, the developer of the well-known open source project, Secure Scuttlebutt, touched on distributed instant messaging and social media systems to the seminar. The system can use MeshBox as a node for distributed operation in the future.
  5. Horizonbase founder Mark Guo, explained how low-orbit satellite constellations can work with the SmartMesh blockchain to build an integrated network application for the world’s benefit.
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