MeshBox Biweekly Report(2020.06.27-2020.07.10)

Here are the details for this period:

A big congratulations is in order for the successful launch of the Asia-Pacific 6D satellite! Now SmartMesh and MeshBox have an additional high-orbit satellite backbone network. The next ten years will be the decade where satellite internet and ground distributed Mesh networks will connect all of mankind!

Although Henry Wang, Advisor of MeshBox, was unable to be there in person at the launch site to witness the Xichang satellite launch due to the pandemic in Beijing, he still thanked their partner, APSTAR for the invitation. After the successful launch of the APSTAR-6D satellite, APT Mobile SatCom once again extended an invitation to Henry. The two parties will continue to promote collaboration on the Space Ground Integrated Network in the Asia-Pacific region.

The fifth and sixth days of Workshop this week were also finished up nicely. MeshBox CEO Peter Yan, and MeshBox interns Marilyn and Maxwell introduced the working principles of the spectrum public chain, went on a deep dive of the photonic network and offline payment codes and also conducted live demonstrations.

Workshop 5 also showed everyone how education, personal privacy security and blockchain can all be combined. MeshBox Ecosystem partners Dedoco, Netiki, Unifinity, and Least Authority, which audited for Ethereum 2.0, respectively introduced wonderful content on topics such as digital security, digital exchange, identity verification, digital transformation of education, and distributed storage.

Workshop 6 ecosystem partner Infocorp showed everyone the wide application of blockchain technology in inclusive finance, supply chain, and agriculture, where 80% of the global food supply comes from small farmers, who cannot obtain enough working capital to maintain their agricultural activities.


  1. Fixed wifidogx memory leakage problem;
  2. Solved the problem of Maxwell Bluetooth error;
  3. Repaired Maxwell wireless driver problem;
  4. Optimized the stability of Tesla wireless driver.


Software Testing

Updated Tesla version and fixed the 36925 wireless driver warning;

Repaired the wifidogx memory leakage caused by the long-term operation of the device;


Updated version:

MeshBox-Tesla v2.2.5.725

Tested the optimized cross-chain APP;

Tested the Maxwell version and fixed the error of the Bluetooth bus driver;


updated version:

MeshBox-Maxwell v1.2.5.729


The FCC certification company is reviewing the last submitted documentation. The pandemic has resulted in slower certification times and review work after the resumption of work. We understand this and will wait patiently.

The specific details are as follows:


Based on SmartMesh, Dedoco used blockchain technology to create an electronic identification system for students participating in the Workshop, and provided solutions for related data security and data exchange.

Netki founder Justin Newton spoke about how identity can be applied to the projects that contestants are working on, how to integrate identity into their platform, current and emerging trends in identity verification, and things to be aware of.

Veronica Andrino, the founder of Unifinity, discussed adding value to the education system by supporting its digital transformation. The project needs to start from the University of the Philippines with a weak Internet. The speech described how MeshBox can help the integration of campus networks and teaching systems.

Least Authority, which conducts smart contract audits for Ethereum, gave a speech and demonstrated the distributed storage Tahoe-LAFS project.

MeshBox ecosystem partner Sentinel Chain founder and InfoCorp CEO Roy Lai shared a solution for tracking livestock using FarmTrek. InfoCorp has designed a solution that allows small farmers to use a cross-chain architecture composed of 3 blockchains (FarmTrek, Sentinel Chain and Ethereum) to use their livestock as collateral for loans. FarmTrek is an agricultural technology solution that aims to solve the traceability of livestock using RFID, NFC smartphones and non-Turing complete private blockchains. Sentinel Chain is a financial technology solution designed to serve as a side chain of Ethereum, enabling livestock assets on FarmTrek to be used as collateral for offshore financing. Since Sentinel Chain’s target markets are in emerging markets and farming areas with poor networks, blockchains cannot work at all without the Internet, so the cooperation with MeshBox and SmartMesh will solve these deployment problems encountered by inclusive finance and allow cooperation between the technologies complementing each other within one ecosystem.


  1. Professor David Lee participated in the workshop to interact with students, the blockchain industry, investors, and government officials and summarized the SUSS-SmartMesh ecosystem.
  2. MESH statistical work

The calculation work of MESH assets has been completed. The MeshBox technical team will map the new MESH to the user’s wallet based on MESH holder’s verification sent earlier.

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