MeshBox Bi-weekly Report(2020.08.08-2020.08.21)

On August 20th, the first of many events on the MeshBox Living Lab Telegram group featured a DeFi + DeNet Live Q&A session with Crypto Jen, Advisor of the EU Blockchain Commission.  Jen fielded lots of questions from both the host and the general public.

More events are on the way, and now there’s a calendar to view them.  The MeshBox community ecosystem website ( is equipped with loads of information, and now it has a page dedicated to upcoming events as well. The website as a whole has attracted a lot of traffic in its first few weeks and is just gaining steam, even though its only in Beta. Check it out and have a look!

Here are the specifics of this week:


Software development:

  1. Fixed the vulnerability where a Meshbox can bypass a web login interface through cookies.
  2. Upgraded the alfred program of mesh.
  3. Increased maxwell’s top LED status display function.
  4. Unified file permissions under /etc/config.
  5. Added support for Meshbox certificate login.



Software Test

Updated Versions:

MeshBox-Maxwell v1.2.5.777

MeshBox-Tesla v2.2.5.774

MeshBox-Turing v3.2.5.775


Fixed the problem where the web page login bypassed cookies;

Upgraded alfred;

Repaired maxwell kernel to support led;

Unified optimization of some file permissions;

Logged in to the device by adding a new certificate.



FCC certification has been successfully completed.


Optimized the implementation of reward mechanism, planned to implement statistics such as the online time of the device, and implement the basic reward algorithm and distribution mechanism. Users can now see daily income, accumulated income, historical income and other information on the MeshBox APP. The requirements and interaction design have been completed and development begins.

The specific work is as follows:

The last few weeks have been highly productive ones for the MeshBox marketing team.  First of all the new MeshBox Community Ecosystem website is getting great usage.  Blog posts are being published nearly every business day, and all 14 Singapore Blockchain Challenge teams have been actively building their project pages and updating them on a daily basis.  This has resulted in substantial traffic, attracting well over 700 hits in one day on August 16th and nearly 5000 views in just its first few weeks of existence.  That may not be much compared to major global websites but we feel it’s a solid start and we’re looking to make it a multi-featured hub of the MeshBox community.

On August 20th, the MeshBox Telegram group hosted a Live Q&A Session with Crypto Jen, who was kind enough to drop in on the group from Bangkok and discuss all the latest DeFi related topics.  The event went well over an hour, and in addition to interacting with the MeshBox Team she also fielded questions from the general audience.  We’re looking forward to having more events like this so stay tuned for updates.

Last but not least, Phase 1 of the Singapore Blockchain Challenge reached a climax as the teams went before judges to pitch their projects in a live event, stay tuned to get all the results!  It’s been a 6 month effort for the MeshBox Team to support this program including a lot of mentoring, and after the winners are announced the Marketing Team will transition with everyone involved into a more focused finish to Q3 and a streamlined gameplan for the rest of 2020.

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