MeshBox Biweekly Report(2020.08.22–2020.09.04)

2020-2030 will be the decade when satellite Internet connects all of mankind. This week, MeshBox advisor Henry and Business Development Director Jedi were invited by Asia Pacific Satellite Company to conduct business exchanges on the Space Ground Integration Network. The Asia-Pacific 6D satellite was successfully launched before February and is currently undergoing in-orbit testing. Asia-Pacific 6D is Asia’s best high-throughput geostationary satellite, covering China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and other countries. These are the target markets for MeshBox deployment. It can be said that Asia-Pacific 6D is a broadband uplink solution with extremely wide coverage in the MeshBox global deployment plan.

Telegram community activities are gaining steam, MeshBox held four activities this week.

The MeshBox pre-sale event will introduce a new DeFi + Fog mining mode, and it is expected that 85 units will be sold out when the pre-sale commences. Subsequent MeshBox sales may not include the same ROI model.

Here are the specific details for this week:

Software development


  1. Developed the MeshBox heartbeat program and connected to the server platform.
  2. Researched the MeshBox GPS module and optimized the details of the GPS program.
  3. Optimized the wifirent program, optimized the efficiency of paid Internet query, and reduced the load of the disk.
  4. Fixed the problem of dropbear ssh disconnection.


Software Testing

updated version:

MeshBox-Tesla v2.2.5.801

MeshBox-Turing v3.2.5.822

MeshBox-Maxwell v1.2.5.821

New box heartbeat program

Optimized GPS reading program

kernel enabled serial port

Fixed dropbear ssh disconnection

Upgraded wifirent to optimize the efficiency of paid Internet query


Hardware: research on hardware technology related to MeshBox, including future possibilities in TEE, and technical exchanges with alliance vendors on LoRa coverage

Optimized the implementation plan of the reward mechanism, planned to realize the statistics of equipment online time and other information, realized the basic reward algorithm and distribution mechanism. Now users can see daily income, accumulated income, historical income and other information on the MeshBox APP. Requirements and interaction design have been completed, system software and server software have been developed and debugged:

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Henry Wang, MeshBox Advisor, and Jedi, the Business Development Director, were invited by Asia Pacific Satellite Company to conduct business exchanges on the Space Ground Integration Network. The main communication points are as follows:

1) The two parties discussed the current state of affairs of international satellite Internet. The lack of consensus on satellite orbit, frequency band, interconnection and intercommunication may cause potential war risks. Both parties agree that blockchain is a technical means to reach a global consensus.

2) Introduction to HyperMesh solution

3) Asia-Pacific introduction, the Asia-Pacific 6D coverage area overlaps with the satellite communication Zhongxing 16, Zhongxing 26, Zhongxing 27 and the scope is larger, 50Gbps capacity, large coastal beam range, inland beam range small.

4) The specific situation and opening time of a customs station in a Southeast Asian country were discussed.

5) The MeshBox team can provide HyperMesh solutions so that the Asia-Pacific can be introduced to partners, and the two parties are each other’s market channels.

6) Both parties have decided to conduct tests at the Shenzhen headquarters, including basic networking, billing, concurrency, etc.

7) The two sides discussed the specific situations of Southeast Asian countries and selected target countries.

  1. Community activities are still underway. The MeshBox marketing team has been busy with the activities on the MeshBox Living Lab Telegram Group and held five events in two weeks. The guests included Crypto Jen, a blockchain enthusiast and influencer, Lee Willson, Chairman of the World Blockchain Foundation and SmartMesh advisor, and the three winning teams from Phase I of the Singapore Blockchain Challenge.

The guests fielded questions from the audience audience’s questions, each team showcased their project introduction videos  to the public. They are viewable on the MeshBox Community Ecosystem YouTube channel:. (


To help schedule and track all these events, the MeshBox Community Ecosystem website now also provides a regularly updated real-time event calendar. You can view calendar events via Calendar events can be exported to the .ics format. You can use it as a  reminder on your phone or computer.

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