MeshBox Biweekly Report(2020.09.19 -2020.10.02)

In the last few weeks the MeshBox project has taken some huge strides and made some great acquisitions.  Here are the highlights:

(1) A huge leap has been made into the southwestern quadrant of the globe. On September 24, 2020, Dr Christian W. Meniw, who is currently a United Nations Peace Ambassador, Postgrade teacher of Industry 4.0, and Vice President of Organization Future 5.0 Colombia has now also officially become the MeshBox Ambassador to Latin America.

(2) The MeshBox 2020-2021 White Paper and ecosystem technology roadmap have been completed and updated on the MeshBox website. The new road map includes practical applications for MeshBox such as Inclusive Finance and Distributed Storage in its milestones. The development and implementation of the DeFi mining pool in MeshBox’s NFT mode and the Internet of Things side chain based on Proof of Coverage and Proof of Mesh have been completed.  Now the MeshBox cost optimization and production deployment will be the main directions for development.

(3) September 21st, 2020, the there was a live Q&A with the MeshBox team on the MeshBox Telegram group. Questions were fielded regarding MeshBox and all its ecosystem features.

Here are the specifics of this week:

Software Development

Solved the problem where MeshBox App and Web large files (<=10G) failed to upload.

Fixed the kernel anomaly caused by the upload file anomaly.

Modified the automatic mounting method of external hard drives

Added lsblk and ntfs related tools, add external hard disk ntfs format support

Fixed the problem of abnormal upload files triggering kernel exception


Software Test

Updated Version:

MeshBox-Maxwell v1.2.5.881

MeshBox-Tesla v2.2.5.882

MeshBox-Turing v3.2.5.883

Modified the automatic mounting method of external hard drives

Added lsblk and ntfs related tools

Added external hard disk ntfs format support

Fixed upload file abnormal problem

Optimized the 2G limitation of uploaded files

Fixed large file upload problem



Tesla has supplemented with an EN60950 test, which has now passed laboratory testing and completed the submission of key accessories. We will be arranging its Philippine NTC certification.



Analysed and tested the file sharing function in the Tesla LAN, and wrote application scenarios and demand analyses.

The specific work is as follows:

Marketing activities have made great progress in the last few weeks. In order to better serve the community and answer the questions that community members are concerned about, a new version of the FAQ has been posted on the MeshBox Community Ecosystem website, and the number of members and active members of the Telegram group has also been steadily increasing. In addition to this, the business side of marketing has these highlights:


(1) Dr. Christian W. Meniw as mentioned in the introduction, has been appointed MeshBox Ambassador to Latin America.  Chris brings with him abundant resources in government, law, business, marketing and other fields to the MeshBox global team, and will play a key role in MeshBox’s entrance to the Latin American market. An AMA event was held with Dr. Meniw on October 5th.

(2) Completed and published the 2020-2021 white paper and ecosystem technology roadmap on the MeshBox official website.


The new updates include:

A) The release of the new white paper

B) The development and implementation of the MeshBox NFT model DeFi mining pool

C) The completion of the development of the Internet of Things side chain based on Proof of Coverage and Proof of MESH

D) The development of an integrated payment solution based on the Tahoe distributed storage system

E) MeshBox joins TEE trusted hardware, MeshBox Cost Optimization plan and production deployment.

According Dr. Peter Yan, CEO of MeshBox, the new white paper combines the MESH and token economies, and provides a very comprehensive introduction to various usage scenarios of MeshBox. For example, people can purchase Data Points (DP) via MESH. With DP, they can access the Internet of Things network provided by HyperMesh, so as to implement Internet of Things applications such as asset tracking and item positioning (DP is a newly introduced feature by MeshBox for computing fee points, please refer to the white paper for details).  The MeshBox Team also fielded questions for the space of an hour, including answers that detailed where the focus for MeshBox would be in the near future, and what its best use cases are.



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