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David Lee Chia Hock Lai
Chief Adviser Director
Professor of FinTech and Blockchain at Singapore University of Social Sciences. Member of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Singapore. Member of the Financial Research Committee of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Chia Hock Lai is the President of Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) and President of Singapore blockchain Association. Mr.Chia has over 20 years of experience in the financial and technology industry. He has previously worked in organisations like Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) and NTUC Income.
   Jeff Ehney
Peter Yan Jeff Ehney Anatoly Sokolnikov
Chief Executive Officer MeshBox VP of Business Development, North America Head of Blockchain Development Member of the Mobile Raiden Network Development Group

Ph.D Electrical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis Senior Staff Engineer, America Wireless Access Labs Huawei Technologies; Principle-Scientist, Enterprise Switching Business-Unit Broadcom; Systems Architect, Business Development and Strategy Group Freescale Semiconductor.
At Freescale, led the development of switch fabric chipsets for LG Electronics Broadband Remote Access Router (BRAS-40) which is deployed in Korean Telecom network equipment. At Huawei, was the architect for the Network-On-Chip initiative for a Basestation SoC. which was sucessfully integrated into a chip design.

Accomplished entrepreneur with International exposure. Experienced deal maker, product developer, and manager of businesses and assets. Experience crosses Fintech, Semiconductor, and Real Estate industries.
CEO of iCardSystems
Over 10 Years Framework and Development Experience in Russian Finance and Banking IT.
 Harry xiao
Daniel Finn Juanita Woodward Harry Xiao
Director of Global Marketing Business Strategist Chief Strategy Officer
Multimedia Producer, Technologist, Lecturer and Writer.
Founder of New Dynamik Ltd. and ND RefleX Music.
Principal of Connecting the Dots, a boutique consultancy in Singapore focused on digital / financial services innovation projects in Asia linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. 
25+ years’ work experience with global banks, development agencies, and start-up community across Asia.
Early Investor SmartMesh Blockchain Projects, 8BTC, Aware and others.
Thomas De Rouck Cai Zhihong He Jun
Africa Ambassador Chief Architect Business Development Director
Former Marketing Specialist at IBM, Lenovo and Betway Brussels, Belgium. Former Technical Director of the CNNIC (China internet Information Center), Former HP Blockchain Senior Consultant. Senior consultant of xinhuanet digital assets research institute. He was once the head of mobile payment operation of customer cloud financial business division, the director of project operation of maiwaidi. He once led the research and development of WiMaster equipment of maiwaidi commercial Wi-Fi gateway equipment, and was the main research and development personnel of WA2110 wireless AP of Huawei 3COM company
Dr Christian W. Meniw Lambert Zhao Oliver
Ambassador to Latin America Project Manager Senior product manager
UN Peace Ambassador;
Vice president of Organization future 5.0 Colombia;
Postgrade teacher of Industry 4.0;
Former Executive Director of Innovation Center Bolivia E3;
Former Executive Director of the training area in trade and industry 4.0 in General Economic Confederation of the Argentine Republic - CGERA.
Special Project Manager, Strategic Development Department,China Entercom. Formerly Senior Product Manager at Raisecom Product Line, Senior Product Manager for Polar Routing Intelligent Routing Products.
Digger Yu
Test Supervisor
Former H3C wireless test engineers, nearly ten years of WLAN test experience.


Henry Wang David Cohen Feng Wang
Founder of SmartMesh, President of the International Blockchain Application Federation, Chairman of the AAMA Blockchain, and world leader in offline networking and social communications. Founder of, Executive member of the IOTA Foundation and HashGraph Advisor. Former R&D Director of LAN switch products, Huawei technologies; former vice president of international sales&marketing, H3C technologies ; over 20 years experience on routing, switching, and network security areas.
Peter Zhang Tahn Joo chin Wilson Lee
Former HUAWEI Chief Lawyer, Private Equity Investment Co., Ltd., and was the founder and managing partner of Fangguang Capital. Former Hina Group Managing Director. She also served as an investment partner at Venture TDF in Singapore and a partner at WIIG-TDF Partners in Silicon Valley, USA. Investment projects include: Alibaba, Sina, Webex and other well-known companies. President of World Blockchain Foundation Advisor of the Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox of China Blockchain Ambassador.

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