MeshBox Weekly Update (2018.7.02–2018.7.08)

Welcome everyone, to the latest edition of the MeshBox Weekly Update. As the MeshBox project continues to gain steam we would once again like to share all the updates and highlights related to R&D, testing, marketing and everything else. So here it is:

Technical Developments

Last week, MeshBox Chief Scientist, Mr. Peter Yan, arrived in Beijing, China to attend the MeshBox team meeting. The hardware and software designs for both the indoor and outdoor versions were discussed with project founder Mr. Xiao Yongquan and the technology and product teams paving the way for the next stage of development. MeshBox hardware has now been completely developed and is ready for production owing to a great effort by the team

The Tech Team also further optimized the overall functionality of the device management section and added the ability to have network friends. The customizations were more fine-tuned then in previous rounds and now there is a new function that can monitor the network status in real time as well as the ability for users to control MeshBox network changes for the first time.

SmartMesh public chain Spectrum and SmartRaiden docking with MeshBox are also proceeding according to plan. The Tech Team has designed two possible integrations and carried out simulation tests on each of them. The results will be analyzed and follow-up integrations will be optimized and tested again.

The product team has organized their research and development schedule according to discussions held in the previous meeting. At the present stage, it is continuously optimizing the back-end functionality, APP, practical applications and other aspects of MeshBox, which will lead to the next stage of MeshBox full-scale functionality.

Market Action

FCoin is a newly developed crypto-exchange with a “mining” trading model that has synergies with the spirit of MeshBox’s innovation. Now that MESH is looking to get on board more exchanges, the marketing team applied and passed the initial audit for FCoin. The team called on its community to vote MESH onto the exchange, and the token successfully launched on the exchange on July 8th. Now it is currently on 24 hour per day spotlight, and the FCoin exchange will arrange to open MESH Token transactions after the end of this publicity period. At that time, the official platform will also inform users that MESH is ready for trading. Please pay attention to these updates if you are interested in trading MESH on FCoin.

Meanwhile, in order to better publicize the MeshBox project, the marketing team has registered several official media accounts for company publications. So be on the lookout for more news from MeshBox and stay tuned next week to get all the latest updates and highlights from the MeshBox project.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time

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