MeshBox Weekly Update(2018.12.24–2018.12.29)

Today is Saturday, 29th Dec 2018, the last working day.

When storing cabbage in winter becomes a memory of an era;

When the Internet is no longer the most cutting-edge technology support;

When using food stamps to spend cash to brush mobile phone shopping travel;

It is not just the means that change, but the destiny of mankind.

Looking back in 2018, there were tears, grievances, compromises, and regrets.

Looking back on 2018, sometimes happy, sometimes cured, sometimes fearless, sometimes strong.

Looking back on 2018, I would like to pay tribute to every ordinary person who sticks to his ideal and moves forward bravely.

Goodbye to 2018, all the staff of MeshBox magic box and the research and development team join hands with every magic box supporter, research and development volunteers and the common owner of our community to welcome the future of 2019 and create the magic box miracle of 2019 together!

At this moment, we hope, there are surprises, memories, about you.

After a series of preparation, MeshBox will finally meet with the first batch of internal testing machines. In order to provide better technical support, the first batch is only limited to mainland China, and it is believed that MeshBox will meet with users around the world in the near future.


1. Distributed storage, complete the encryption and decryption functions of large and small files;

2. MeshBox APP test, complete the registration, login, binding and other tests;

3. MeshBox Maxwell system software completed the first round of basic network function, WIFI function, and Bios function test.


1. Shell samples have been received and reviewed, and a small part of more detailed opinions have been provided to the manufacturer for the preparation of shell procurement;

2. Part of the second sample of packaging materials has arrived and been confirmed;

3. Completed the preliminary hardware test of the interface between the motherboard and the wireless module, memory and other interfaces;

4.MeshBox Tesla has signed the contract with the main board manufacturer;

5.MeshBox Tesla is drafting the contract with shell manufacturers and assembly manufacturers.

MeshBox -M

MeshBox is the first blockchain Mesh network box based on Intel platform

Open source hardware protocol based on SmartMesh protocol, decentralization and mining hardware box. Mesh network routing is combined with content storage and distribution functions.

The public chain Spectrum and photon network supporting SmartMesh are available. Each MeshBox runs a Spectrum node and a photon node. The SMT payment of the photon network is very fast, and the distributed TPS has no upper limit.

Through USB or built-in SATA interface external hard disk, you can build your own private cloud disk. Using MeshBox APP, you can upload photos or video files to private cloud disk, or download files stored in the box plug-in to the mobile phone through MeshBox APP. As an owner with full authority to manage all files, there is no service provider to close the network disk service problem, direct download, no speed limit.

MeshBox connects to the Internet, mortgages SMT as channel pre-storage, participates in the establishment of global photon network payment channel, or contributes network bandwidth, storage space, and computing resources to the entire network system, and makes contributions to the construction of distributed storage network, and it can be awarded Mesh award.

  1. In the evening of 25th Dec Harry Xiao the CEO of MeshBox, had an in-depth communication with his friends in the community for nearly 3 hours, mainly about the detailed progress and market situation of MeshBox and SmartMesh projects. Mr. Xiao first asked the most concerned questions of the community users and then replied one by one. Mr. Xiao’s sincere replies made the community more determined that the project would develop better. Below is an excerpt of part of the chat content, for viewing.

2. Starting from Jan 2019, MeshBox and SmartMesh executives and core team members will go to the community regularly or from time to time to solve relevant technical problems or problems of concern to the community. The specific schedule is as follows: product manager of SmartMesh on Monday, product manager of MeshBox on Tuesday, and business development director of MeshBox on Wednesday. Please prepare questions at that time. Maybe we can’t answer everyone’s questions, but we will try our best to answer these questions. At the same time, we will set up a question-and-answer box. work




If you want to know more about MeshBox, keep your eyes on the MeshBox Weekly updates!


*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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