MeshBox Weekly (2019.1.2–2019.1.4)

In the world history: On January 7, 1958, in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the
head of the last steam locomotive entered the museum, marking the end of
the era of steam locomotives. This represents the completion of his historical
mission in the first industrial revolution. With the development of human
science and technology, we have ushered in a blockchain. Some people said: “The blockchain is the fourth industrial revolution” Today in Chinese
history: On January 7, 2009, China’s communications industry entered the 3G era for the first time and issued three 3G licenses. On December 10, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially announced that it has issued the 5G system low-frequency test frequency license to China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. From 1995 to 2018, the Internet was almost cover most of today’s everyday life. We never know when and where new power will emerge.

Until the combination of the SmartMesh protocol and the MeshBox device, let
us have the best interpretation of the new power, we know that more new
power will emerge in the future, but now we think that the MeshBox is the best way. Let the economy develop better, and China’s culture will affect the world with the development of SmartMesh ecology. In 2019, the key year, unlimited opportunities, we will wait and see; May all current practices be the preface to the miracle of the future; The staff of MeshBox Magic Box invites you to witness together!
Here are the specifics of our work this week:

1. Progress in distributed storage development, began to add directories for
the development of encryption functions;
2. MeshBox APP test progress, this week tested the storage and toolbox, the
system software upgrade function has not been tested;
3. The English version of the MeshBox APP is being check the English


  1. After the shell sample is fed back to the manufacturer, the manufacturer
    performs the adjustment and repair works.
  2. MeshBox packaging materials and other materials have arrived at the
    assembly line warehouse.
  3. The main board will prepare for the production this week.
  4. MeshBox Tesla and the shell manufacturer, assembly manufacturer,
    contract drafting.
  5. Production line rules and other requirements have been issued, and
    production line test cases are under evaluation.
  1. On January 7, a digital currency company headquartered in Japan visited
    MeshBox and watched a demonstration of MeshBox. The company has many
    users in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan, and the two parties met in the
    meeting. Both side reached a consensus on cooperation, the two sides have
    launched a joint work on the specific work of cooperation.
2. We have started to implement core team members and community
exchange activities since January 2nd. Our COO, business director and product manager have answered many community questions during the
event. We will continue this activity and Starting next week, the head of the
developer community at 8pm every Thursday will also join the exchange and
share the latest news on development and technology.

Today is the last day of the MeshBox Magic Box internal registration, please
do submit in time.

If you want to know more about MeshBox, keep your eyes on the MeshBox Weekly updates!

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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