MeshBox Bi Weekly(2019.01.28–2019.02.10)

Beginning of the new year

Years are not living

Everything yesterday has become a thing of the past

Despite regrets and joy

Will be sealed in memory

Beginning of the new year

Another new beginning of the year

When the first morning sun shines on the earth

If you take a confident and steady step

Explain that your struggle is still going on

Beginning of the new year

Everything has to start from scratch

There are infinite hopes behind zero

Bit by bit is a success or failure

Destiny is in your own hands

Beginning of the new year

How to put a brand new blank paper

Write your visions in heroic words

Can’t live without the courage and perseverance of your hard work

2019 will be destined to become the year of MeshBox in history. We will meet new challenges and make unremitting efforts for the first year of MeshBox deployment. Let us welcome 2019 and create the glory of MeshBox!

At the beginning of the new year, all members of the MeshBox team wished the supporters of MeshBox and SmartMesh and the people who care about us a happy new year on the first day of the New Year’s. Let’s get to work !


1. Fix the bugs in the Android system discovered by MeshBox during the networking process, and test the iOS system at the same time.

2. According to the Philippine network test feedback, the interaction was modified to enhance the user experience.


1. Hardware tests on power module and Wi-Fi module, tested Mesh networking in the Philippines.

2. The Tesla project draft contract has been revised and passed to legal for review.

The specific work of the market is as follows:

  1. MeshBox CTO Dr Peter Yan and SmartMesh CEO Mr. Henry Wang had an in-depth exchange with former Philippine second largest operator, Smart President, Presidential Special Envoy and Star Telecom technical experts. Former Smart President provided very professional data and advice for the deployment of SmartMesh and MeshBox in the Philippines. The technical experts present here are designers of the Philippine satellite and are currently working with French companies to design satellites to be launched in the Philippines. The French manufacturer will visit the Philippines next week.
                                                                               Star Telecom tested MeshBox

2. The Geniusto and ePERA teams came to watch the MeshBox networking demonstration and proposed some modifications to improve the user experience. They have included SmartMesh in their cooperation projects with banks in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. SmartMesh and MeshBox will be submitted to the UN project as an important part of the financial inclusion networking solution and implementation node. The following are the cooperative bank outlets:

3. The Philippine marketing team has embarked on the development of a corresponding marketing plan that includes details such as deployment budget, promotion and service center construction.

4. The MeshBox team and the SmartMesh team’s trip to the Philippines caused great excitements in the local industry. Many local organizations and individuals highly expected MeshBox related information, and related information was widely forwarded in social media.

5. MeshBox’s CTO Mr. Peter Yan flew back to Beijing from Manila the day before New Year’s Eve. Before the trip, Prince Peter and Dr. Peter had a five-hour discussion on the Smart Nation project, and the details of Smart Nation using MeshBox and SmartMesh networks. Research. At the same time, Prince Peter has had preliminary communication with NASA on satellite coverage. Finally, Prince Peter personally sent off for Dr. Peter.

If you want to know more about MeshBox, keep your eyes on the MeshBox Weekly updates!

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time

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