MeshBox Weekly (2019.1.21–2011.1.27)

Today is Monday, January 28, 2019, wishing you a happy new week ahead!

This is an exciting news for this coming week.

“I am really designing for the future. I even think this is a mission. If our scientific and technological achievements can’t be applied to space in 3–30 years, it is like doing business without considering international.” — Henry Wang.

The advancement of science and technology comes from the needs of society; the needs of society drive the progress of science and technology. Thoughts and actions are like the legs of human being. Without thought or action, it is difficult for people to move forward — we must not only think about it, but also action!

The SmartMesh project is like an imaginary science fiction, but after the unremitting efforts of the team, it will be turned into a visible reality in the near future!

Because we not only have ideas, we also have actions!

As physicist Feynman said: “If you like one thing and have such talents, then put the whole person into it, you must straighten it like a knife pushed to the handle, don’t ask why, and don’t worry about what you will encounter.” Yes, this road is hard to walk, but it is not the reason for us to withdraw and give up.

2019, come on!

Our weekly updates.


1. The part of distributed storage:

1) Officially named the distributed storage file system developed by our company as IGFS (Inter-Galaxy File System), and began to study the IGFS decentralized algorithm;

2) Make sure that our company will develop distributed storage DAPP Demo, which is mainly targeted at backup and sharing services for files provided to individual users based on IGFS;

2. MeshBox APP Android version continues to be tested in the third round. The English version was modified and translated to Peter for use in the Philippines presentation;


1. The first batch of MeshBox has been delivered and sent to the Philippines for network testing. The next batch of Meshboxes will be sent to Beijing and the Philippines after the Spring Festival.

2. Complete the hardware performance test and software test of MeshBox and deliver it.

3. Complete the Mesh networking, multi-hop and payment tests.

  1. Smart Mesh CEO Mr. Henry Wang and MeshBox CTO Dr Pater Yan arrived in the Philippines on the evening of the 27th, met carried out a demo for Prince Peter of IVU on the 28th. The meeting lasted for 4 hours because other plan was arranged in advance, the meeting was interrupted and will met again at the request of Prince Peter on the morning of the 29th.

2. Ignita Veritas United (IVU) is a national alliance formed by a combination of sovereignty, human rights and humanitarian missions. It is a non-profit (“non-profit”) intergovernmental organization (IGO) based on international laws, whose authority authorizes the organization to be a sovereign body. An intergovernmental organization (IGO) developed as a “non-profit organization” operated by the “group” to provide shared infrastructure to support its collective members. The IVU is a body of various autonomous official agencies and specialized agencies.

2. SmartMesh CEO Mr. Henry Wang and MeshBox CTO Dr Pater Yan were invited to visit the Manila Basketball Club and showed the Mesh-Box solution in the basketball court. MeshBox can be deployed in crowded sports venues to solve the content playback and network connection problem.

3. The trip to the Philippines by the MeshBox team and the SmartMesh team caused great excitement in the local industry. Many local organizations and individuals highly expected MeshBox related information, and was widely forwarded in social media.

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