MeshBox Weekly(2019.02.25 – 2019.03.03)

The space race is on ! It was a sleepless weekend ! SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft successfully launched over the weekend and docked with the international space station on Sunday after more than 20 hours of flight, marking a major milestone for the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, and his space team. On the other side of the world, a rocket built by Airbus and its partner One Web launched from Guiana,French. With six low-orbit satellites in OneWeb’s “six arrows” as a formal declaration of “war” against SpaceX’s “one-arrow binary” launched 10 days ago. It is the first step in providing satellite Internet access to millions of people in rural areas. The successful launch marks a new era for the satellite service industry, and also means that 2019 will be the first year for the integration of the world into the Internet.

In total, SpaceX plans to deploy nearly 12,000 satellites. One Web plans to deploy 650 satellites, and Chinese satellite companies will deploy nearly 1,000. Within five years, above the earth will become dense, we can be in any place to experience high speed, low latency of Internet service at the meantime should consider how to use the smallest space pollution up to the same network status, the answer lies in SmartMesh and MeshBox ecology can provide integration of the world network optimization of to what extent even revolutionary transition.

This week the MeshBox project has been a huge success. First of all, Mr. Yuan dao has visited the Beijing research and development center of MeshBox with his team and had an in-depth discussion with members of the MeshBox project. The MeshBox project has been approved by Mr. Yuan dao and will establish a close partnership with him. This week the MeshBox commercial Tesla will enter a trial production phase. The trial production of the commercial version of Tesla indicates that the MeshBox project will soon enter the commercial implementation stage.

At present, members of the MeshBox project are also working hard to prepare for the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit” held in Boracay, the Philippines. This achievement exhibition marks the MeshBox and its partners’ application of meshes, network services and payment scenarios. The payment scene has an unparalleled market size and user base, and MeshBox will face up to this important opportunity and challenge.


1. Distributed storage, testing the interoperability between nodes. Bootnode server was built on the public network server.

2. IGFS realized the basic logic of Block’s decentralized storage function when adding files.Through testing, it has been realized that files added from A node can be copied to B and C nodes connected with it at the same time.Further optimization is needed to complete the selection of replication nodes, the delay time of nodes receiving Block CID to GetBlock and other algorithms.

3. The IOS English version of MeshBox APP has been completed and will be tested next week.


1.Maxwell casing was confirmed last week, and the factory is producing the confirmed sample.

2.Optimize the power supply of the Maxwell host, and cooperate with the chip manufacturer to complete data collection this week. This revision is based on the relevant environment in the Philippines and southeast Asia.

3. The Tesla project has been officially approved with the support of the company’s management. And the project launch meeting was held. It is preliminarily expected that the manufacture of samples will be completed by the middle of this year. It is estimated that the production of the setting machine can be completed in the third quarter of 2019.

Mr. Yuan dao has visited Meshbox Foundation and gave the approval of the project concept and progress, and expressed his willingness to cooperate.

On. 27th Feb Mr. Yuan dao, Chairman of Zhongguancun blockchain industry alliance, led the team to visit MeshBox and SmartMesh Beijing research and development center. Dr. Peter Yan, CTO of MeshBox, demonstrated the payment of MeshBox in two scenarios of meshless and meshed for him. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on the development of the project and its future applications. Mr Yuan says the development of MeshBox is highly inlined with his ideal blockchain project and has exceeded expectations in many ways. We hope to establish long-term cooperative relations in the future.

Mr. Yuan. proposed to jointly formulate the standards for 5G and MESH fusion of mobile interlink network from IEEE standards and carry out project development.

The two sides confirmed the cooperation framework, and the two sides will meet again next week to determine the details and timing of the cooperation on the afternoon of 4th Mar. The MeshBox project has reached another milestone, and the commercial Tesla of MeshBox has officially entered the trial production stage.

On 1st Mar the commercial version of Tesla of MeshBox officially entered the trial production stage. Dr. Peter Yan of MeshBox CTO and Mr. Kent Cien, SmartMesh COO, participated in the signing ceremony as the representatives of MeshBox. The Tesla product of MeshBox commercial version is put into production and officially launched. The first samples are expected to be manufactured by the middle of this year. The first commercial version of Tesla is expected to be completed in July, 2019.

The MeshBox project will join with the SmartMesh foundation to hold the World Blockchain Achievement Exhibition in Boracay, the Philippines.

It is expected that by mid-august, MeshBox project will join with SmartMesh foundation to hold the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit” held in Boracay,the Philippines.

This achievement exhibition will herald that the MeshBox application will no longer be just a dreamming idea, but a practical application scene that everyone can experience.

MeshBox is in contact with OneWeb about the integration the world network. Today, Mr. Henry Wang, principal consultant of MeshBox and founder of SmartMesh, has contacted the head of IT department of OneWeb, a company located in silicon valley in the US. Mr. Wang congratulated David, the IT manager of OneWeb, on the successful launch of “one arrow and six stars”. The two sides discussed cooperation in the integration of the earth and sky network. Currently, the six low-orbit satellites are in the test stage, and OneWeb plans to launch the Internet for the public in 2021. The two sides will discuss cooperation in enterprise and education as a pilot for large-scale application in the future.


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