MeshBox Weekly (2019.03.03–2019.03.10)

MeshBox Weekly (2019.03.03–2019.03.10)

“Green Book ” has become the hot top movie after “The Wandering Earth”, and the commentary can be see every-media.

Today we would like to use the Classic Lines from “Green Book” as the beginning.

“Being genius is not enough, it takes courage to change people’s hearts.”

The majority of MeshBox’s products is cognize perceive of people about the offline communication. That means combine network routing/storage/streaming to connect all users without the Internet and everyone can be rewarded as a local mesh network operator.

We need each member give a hand to us, as the steady expansion of MeshBox’s group members, we hope you can provide us with valuable suggestion.

Here are weekly updates.


1. About the distributed storage, studied the dispersion algorithm and storage proof of Filecoin;

2. Discussed the business scenarios and networking schemes of the experimental network in Boracay, Philippines. Part of the business scenario, near field social and business circles video for high priority. The networking scheme is preliminarily determined to take the broadband in the shops along the beach as the Internet access point, and MeshBox Maxwell, MeshBox Telsa and MeshBox++ will mix the network through wireless Mesh to cover the beaches inside and outside the shops.


1. MeshBox Telsa project approval meeting and the first management meeting, to discussed the important concerns that need to be paid attention to during the implementation of the project.

2. Discussed with mainboard manufacturers on the requirements and implementation of enhanced security protection.

3. MeshBox Maxwell power system manufacturer will change its intensive schedule.

  1. MeshBox team and SmartMesh team will set up a joint project team for the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit”. On March 7, MeshBox team and SmartMesh team made a preliminary discussion and planning about the technical issues in the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit” and the world blockchain achievements exhibition held in Boracay island in the Philippines.

1. The discussion will cover the issues of immersive experience scenes and the intersection of joint networking debugging technologies, etc. The MeshBox team and the SmartMesh team will set up a special joint team to serve this requirement, so that the summit can be held smoothly.

2. MeshBox team and a leading Internet company launched wisdom city ground application on March 8, MeshBox CTO Dr Peter Yan, MeshBox project manager Liang Zhang, MeshBox consultant Mr Henry Wang and GTI IoT company and IoT wisdom city land use plan includes both sides to explore cooperation basic connectivity sensor positioning and related management services, etc. In addition, the two sides will also established with team in Qingdao to reached a preliminary cooperation intend.

MeshBox invited together to participate in the company. At the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit”, the three parties will jointly launch IoT smart city applications.

1. MeshBox CTO Dr Pater Yan, and Mr Yuan Tao of the learning team meet again in late March 10, Dr. Peter Yan, MeshBox CTO, Mr. Henry Wang SmartMesh CEO, Mr.Kent Cien, SmartMesh COO meet again with Mr. Yuan’s team, the three parties held in-depth discussions on the further cooperation in the main discussion content includes how to set up completely independent of the existing Internet world-chain network. Mr Yuan Tao thought that MeshBox and SmartMesh is by far the most close to each other network architecture projects.

The combination of the two parties will open a new chapter for the connection and consensus of mankind. Meanwhile, the three parties decide to hold a cooperation content release ceremony in Hong Kong in the near future and jointly participate in the GSMA summit.

Mr. Wilson Lee, President of the World Blockchain Foundation, visits the Beijing research and development center of MeshBox. On March 11, the MeshBox team welcomed the visit of Mr. Wilson Lee, President of the world blockchain foundation, and Dr. Peter Yan, CTO of MeshBox, presented the current progress and future plan of the project to Wilson. Mr Lee acknowledged the progress of the project and expressed the intention of cooperation.

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