MeshBox Weekly(2019.03.11–2019.03.17)

5G it not only puts forward the higher performance, and it is a new architecture, trying to connect all the solutions to be integrated together. However, the existing 5G standard is not perfect, especially where 5G integration with the Mesh network, though MeshBox may function in this. Meanwhile, the integration of world network of satellite technology in rapid ascension, MeshBox router will edge as a distributed mobile storage and computing nodes, optimize the integration of world networks, that may be 5G The combination of satellite and SmartMesh networks is the best opportunity to be part of the mainstream telecom ecosystem and the foundation of the Internet of Things.


1. Distributed storage: studied the data structure, DSN protocol, roles of each participant and their operation mechanism in Filecoin.

2. Discussed the plan of visitors to Boracay island experimental website. MeshBox has deployed to shops along the beach. Businesses can choose to let visitors pay or get online for free. When set to pay for Internet access, visitors pay RMB, pesos or SMT via WeChat or SmartMesh APP. When surfing the Internet through MeshBox, tourists will automatically add to the merchants’ community, and the merchants can carry out corresponding promotion and promotion activities within the community.

3. The MeshBox APP and the photon team jointly develop the function of reading the income traffics from the paid Internet access through the photon module of the MeshBox. Convenient for MeshBox Owner to view and calculate earnings.


1. The optimization design evaluation of MeshBox Maxwell power module has been preliminarily completed, and the design and implementation of PCB principle have been started at the same time.

2. MeshBox Tesla circuit principle design/auxiliary design of hardware structure.

3. Hardware design and trial evaluation of MeshBox security enhancement.

4. Current situation of MeshBox 5G and WiFi fusion.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Mr. He Jun, commercial director of MeshBox, communicated with a certain high-throughput low-orbit Internet satellite company about details of cooperation.

On 13th March the commercial director of MeshBox visited a Chinese high throughput low orbit Internet satellite company, and the two sides discussed that the satellite receiver could be built into MeshBox as a user station to solve the problem of the last kilometer signal. The company name and technical cooperation details cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality.

2. MeshBox team and Geniusto in the Phillipines are discussing cooperation with each other.

On 15th March, MeshBox team discussed the cooperation with Geniusto, a company in the Philippines, and the cooperation included: MeshBox provides Geniusto users with network services and payment nodes. Its business includes payment, financial services, and P2P business, enabling its more than 10 million users to use SMT and MESH. Geniusto, a multinational technology company, is focusing on innovation, sales, marketing, intelligent technology support, and partner services in the banking and finance, healthcare, eldercare, and hospitality industries.

3. MeshBox CTO Peter met with CEO and CTO of Mindgenix.

On 15th March, MeshBox CTO Peter met with the CEO and CTO of Mindgenix in the Philippines to discuss issues related to cooperation in public Wifi, government procurement, election system and the Internet of Things. Its specific contents include: Mindgenix and MeshBox MOA have signed up to provide public WiFi solutions for the Philippines. Ingenix partnered with MeshBox to replace Smartmatic voting equipment in the Philippines. Ingenix partnered with MeshBox to conduct IoT tracking of items in the supply chain. MeshBox will connect various IoT sensors with Lora AP and complete the M2M payment required by the IoT.

4. Dr. Peter Yan, MeshBox CTO met with i-account senior partner Roger Patanao and business President Ms. Jenny

On 16th March, MeshBox CTO Dr. Peter Yan with the Philippines I — Account senior partner Roger Patanao, met and with business CEO Ms. Jenny, the iAccount is the biggest and the most efficient payment system, and government maintained good relations with the Philippines, Mr. Patanao, Ms. Jenny, technology and progress of MeshBox has maintained close attention, at the same time the two sides had a discussion about our cooperation. Mr. Patanao said that he can help MeshBox recommend its related products to government departments at all levels. It is also expected that the SmartMesh game ecology will be combined with MeshBox, and the MeshBox will be used as a node combined with the blockchain technology to manage funds and sell lottery tickets for the i-account partner PCSO (the lottery company of the Philippines), so as to bring more profit growth for PCSO. Mr. Patanao will also sign a multi-billion dollar contract with PhilHealth, the largest provider of health services in the Philippines, which is looking to MeshBox to provide technical support as part of the system. The two sides will soon sign a framework agreement and a memorandum of understanding.

5. Mr. He Jun, commercial director of MeshBox, provides answers to the community in Huochat.

On 16th March, Mr he Jun, commercial director of MeshBox, shared an AMA activity about the decryption of the mysterious magic box with his friends in the SMT and MESH fire-letter ecological group. During the activity, Mr. He Jun replied to the problems of MeshBox solution, product functions, and application scenarios. We have received a number of positive questions from the community and are grateful for their support of the MeshBox project. We will continue to work hard, and the AMA related content will be pushed to the website, please pay attention.

6. MeshBox CTO Peter surveyed the public WiFi deployment and network coverage in Boracay Island

On 17th March, Dr. Peter Yan, MeshBox CTO conducted a location survey in Boracay island. Network deployment, WiFi signal, and wireless interference were tested. Accompanied by the local marketing staff, Peter has an in-depth understanding of the needs and business conditions of the merchants.

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore time.

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