MeshBox Magic box weekly(2019.5.6-2019.5.12)

The work related to MeshBox last week is very rich. Among them, the MeshBox Tesla commercial version has basically completed the assembly work, and will complete the product certification as soon as possible, and the deployment and sales in the Philippines will also be implemented. MeshBox’s chief consultant, Henry Wang Qiheng, and the senior partner of the exchange holding the Philippine central bank license also conducted online exchanges. The two sides reached a consensus on in-depth cooperation and agreed on the time to meet in Manila in the near future. On the 28th of this month, Professor Li Guoquan will hold Singapore Meetup for MeshBox and SmartMesh projects, and the marketing department will carry out promotion work this week.

Updates of the week:


  1. MeshBox APP version 1.2, increase the function between the boxes, open the channel, cash out, and close the channel between the box and the mobile phone. The first round of the Android version and the IOS version are tested.
  2. MeshBox system software V1.2.3 version, increase the per-flow pay-per-view function, modify the BUG of MeshBox management WEB, the first round of testing has been completed.


  1. MeshBox Maxwell Project Board design company, safety certification company, shell mold factory visit.
  2. MeshBox Tesla project PCB motherboard is completed and tested at the same time.
  3. MeshBox Tesla project The assembly of the main components such as the PCB main board and the outer casing, this week will complete the complete assembly of the main board and other accessories, and complete the joint test.
  4. MeshBox Tesla project The RF motherboard has been assembled with the already-arrived enclosure to optimize the matching with the structural design. It has been modified and required to be processed by the PCB factory.
  5. MeshBox Tesla Project The Philippines certification preparation and laboratory signed an agreement and began pre-certification pre-scanning in order to achieve one-time certification.


  1. MeshBox Tesla Business Edition has basically completed the assembly work and began to complete the preparation of product certification. This certification will also directly obtain the national certification of the Philippines, which means that we can deploy and sell MeshBox directly in the local market.
MeshBox Tesla
  1. The head of the MeshBox Maxwell project inspected Maxwell’s testing process in Shenzhen and visited the future mass production plant.


  1. On March 12th, MeshBox chief consultant Henry Wang Qiheng and the International Blockchain Foundation WBF founders Willson and Evan met, the two sides will go to Manila to inspect the “Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit” and “World Blockchain Landing” The application results exhibition site is fully deployed. Evan said that the Thai government very much welcomes the exhibition of the blockchain application results held by SmartMesh, and hopes that the summit can also be held in Bangkok. The two sides will discuss the global co-ordination of the summit series in Manila.


  1. On May 13th, MeshBox’s chief consultant, Henry Wang Qiheng, had an online exchange with a senior partner of the exchange holding the Philippine central bank license. The two sides reached a consensus on deep cooperation and agreed to meet in Manila. Earlier, the exchange’s chief operating officer officially sent an email on May 10 to invite MeshBox and SmartMesh to cooperate. The export of the two currencies, the US dollar and the peso, is the biggest advantage of the exchange, which is crucial for the adoption of the MeshBox and SmartMesh blockchain ecological projects. SmartMesh Ecosystem will also bring the newest users of the Philippines to the exchange.


  1. On May 9th, MeshBox project consultant Henry Wang Qiheng and the leaders of the North University of China, the leaders of the institute, and the heads of scientific research exchanged technical cooperation on the blockchain and the integration of information security. Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng was invited to give a speech at the North University of China on the theme “From Riemann, Einstein to the high-dimensional spectral blockchain” and broadcast live to the community. The speech was very successful. MeshBox project consultant Henry Wang Qiheng had a pleasant academic exchange with the teachers and students of North University of China. The students showed great curiosity about the knowledge of the blockchain. The live broadcast was divided into two phases: pre-speech interviews and formal speeches, with 6024 and 6825 people watching live.

  1. Professor Li Guoquan held Singapore Meetup for MeshBox and SmartMesh projects, scheduled for May 28. This Meetup event will be promoted this week.


  1. MeshBox team’s business executive and CTO Dr Peter Yan and Genuisto CEO exchanged a meeting with the Philippines on a wallet and eco-cooperation with a Philippino central bank licensed exchange, the three parties agreed to start in Manila later this month.
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