MeshBox Weekly (2019.5.13-2019.5.19)

Singapore’s Xinyue University SUSS will serve as the venue for SmartMesh’s meetup, which will be held on May 28, 2019, from 2 pm to 5 pm.

“Connect the Unconnected, and Bank the Unbanked.” Starting from a speech that touched Prof. Li a year and a half ago at Beijing Zhongguancun, to the upcoming technical realization and the live demonstration planned for May 28th, SmartMesh could not have achieved so much without the support and the encouragement from Prof. Li and the Director of HKMA, President Bai, and others.

Both SmartMesh and MeshBox are registered in Singapore, one of the most open countries in the world.  The Singapore Monetary Authority was singled-out as the world’s “Central Bank of the Year” earlier this year. President Bai said that “Singapore wants to expand from an Asia-wide influence to the Global stage, as a technology, innovation, and financial center. We greatly welcome and support using state-of-the-art technology to expand inclusive finance.  Welcome, SmartMesh and Meshbox!”

Here are our specific work this week:


  1. MeshBox APP version 1.2: increase functions (such as open channels, cash out, and close the channel) between boxes, and between boxes and mobile phones. The second round of tests have been completed for both the Android version and the IOS version. It is expected to be tested one more round before the release next week.
  2. MeshBox system software V1.2.3: add the per-flow paid Internet access function, add the function that allows scanning QR code on the box to download the SmartMesh APP. Currently in the second round of testing.
  3. MeshBox APP version 1.2.5: add createwallet account and spectral transfer, complete the requirements and interaction design.


  1. MeshBox Maxwell Project: Motherboard PCB production has been completed.
  2. MeshBox Maxwell Project: Communicating the improvement of the shell data and physical materials with the mold factory.
  3. The MeshBox Tesla Project: RF motherboard has been returned.
  4. MeshBox Tesla Project: All structural parts have arrived and a preliminary adjustment and improvement plan has been carried out after assembly.
  5. MeshBox Tesla Project: In the overall testing, and determining the testing content with the laboratory.


Specific works:

  1. Singapore’s Xinyue University SUSS becomes SmartMesh’s Meetup venue. The conference will be held on May 28, 19, from 2 pm to 5 pm. We are invited by Singapore’s financial leader Professor Guoquan Li to the Singapore Meetup, which is held by Xinyue University. We will livestream this Meetup and we invite everyone to watch! Please keep an eye on the updates of the community.

During this meetup, Mr. Qiheng Wang, the Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation and of the International Association of Blockchain Applications, will discuss the solutions to connect the unconnected and realizes inclusive finance from the perspective of infrastructure. MeshBox CTO, Dr. Peter Yan will demonstrate how to upgrade human connectivity to a hyper-splitting architecture that supports distributed storage and distributed data markets. At the same time, Chengdu Chainan Technology CMO Mr. Gao Ziyang will analyze how to improve security and prevent the various risks caused by information leakage. Genuisto founder CEO Shane Hermans will showcase Inclusive Finance through ePera’s social banking platform to connect 1 billion people without bank accounts.

SmartMesh has signed NDA and MOA with Chengdu Chain Technology. The ePera platform will be based on SmartMesh’s public-chain spectrum to develop DApps and will be on display at the Manila Global Summit and World Blockchain Application Show.

  1. Chairman of SmartMesh Foundation Qiheng Wang and MeshBox CTO Peter went to Boda Guangtong IoT to confirm the details of the blockchain joint laboratories of the Internet of Things with Haier and Qingdao Municipal Government. The meeting today also made a plan to visit Qingdao again to hold a signing ceremony.
  2. On this Sunday, SmartMesh CEO Mr. Qiheng Wang, MeshBox CTO, and Commercial Director will depart for the Philippines to work with local partners to determine the implementation plan and specific issues for the August summit and meet with a number of business partners. They will also meet with the officials from the Philippines government.

This afternoon, SmartMesh team, MeshBox team, and ePera team held a video conference to discuss the details of technical docking. ePera will run its app in the spectrum chain and put SmartMesh wallet into the app. They will also issue their own stable currency on the spectral chain.

  1. On May 20th, MeshBox’s chief consultant Wang Qiheng, CTO Peter Yan, and Innovative Business Development Director He Jun visited Manila. This is also the debut of MeshBox Tesla in Manila.

  1. On May 20th, the representatives at MeshBox and SmartMesh met with WBF co-founders Evan, Kenyon and local business representative Flori in Manila to discuss the global blockchain IoT financial technology summit. Later that day, they would meet with the representatives of the Senate delegation and others.


  1. On May 19th, Haier, Qingdao Xidian Research Institute, Boda Guangtong, MeshBox Foundation, SmartMesh Foundation and Beijing Lingtuan Technology jointly established the Qingdao IoT Blockchain Joint Laboratory. The agreement is being drafted and the signing ceremony will be held in Qingdao.


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