MeshBox Weekly (2019-06.10-2019.06.16)

The first set of MeshBox Tesla outer shells was put into production recently and is expected to be finished by the end of July. This set of Tesla will be used in Southeastern Asia for network testing. We expect the test to be successful and we can further deploy MeshBox to the Southeast Asian market.


Here are our specific works this week:


  1. The MeshBox system software version V1.2.4 is being developed. It can support 128 concurrent paid Internet accesses, and functions such as paid Internet access on iPhone are submitted for testing.
  2. Tesla 4G and LORA module driver development.



  1. MeshBox Maxwell Project: The new motherboard is being optimized and is expected to be completed this week.
  2. MeshBox Maxwell Project: Solved part of the matte processing defect.
  3. MeshBox Tesla Project: The prototype continues the overall test while completing a portion of the drive.

4.MeshBox Tesla Project: Fixing the methods of some minor problems that occurred during the motherboard merging.

5.MeshBox Tesla Project: Modified the shell design to meet the motherboard requirements, we sent out the manufacturing mold, which is a necessary step for mass production.

The specific work of the marketing department is as follows:

1. On Wednesday, the MeshBox Foundation and the SmartMesh Foundation Marketing Department held a Q&A session on SMT mining. The session was mainly filled with conceptual explanations.

  1. SmartMesh COO Qian Lei conducted a livestream on Friday night at 8:00pm. In the livestream, he introduced the latest developments of SmartMesh ecology and the ecological product MeshBoxes and answered questions related to them. The playback link for this livestream is:

The content will be organized into a document to be shared with the community.


  1. Invited by the senator of the Philippines Manny Pacquiao, Dr. Peter Yan, CTO of MeshBox, and Chief Consultant, Henry Wang, attended the opening ceremony of the third season of the MPBL Basketball League in the Philippines.

  1. MeshBox and SmartMesh will work with the Philippine basketball celebrity to expand the MeshBox and SmartMesh Philippine communities and prepare for the Philippines project. The terms of the contract and the details of the cooperation are currently being negotiated. It is expected that the formal signing will be completed this week, and we will start planning for promotion.
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