MeshBox Weekly Report(2019.12.30–2020.01.05)

The MeshBox team welcomes two good news this week. Former Huawei R&D Director and Vice President of Huawei-3com Mr. Wang Feng joined the MeshBox team as a MeshBox advisor. MeshBox will collaborate with GTI to create the ABIOT platform. This platform will not only integrate AI, BlockChain, and IOT technologies, but also interface with the BSN blockchain service network. It will use distributed storage, distributed computing, and distributed communication technologies to develop a variety of technologies and unique platform applications to create the world’s leading public IOT solution.

Here are the specifics of this week:

  1. The MeshBox system software upgrade project is launched, and the system will be upgraded from OpenWRT 17 to OpenWRT 19. The preliminary work is running docker on OpenWRT 19, and preliminary test verification has been completed. Module migration has begun;
  2. Preparation of Singapore Government Blockchain Interoperability Challenge Living Lab Industry Platform
  3. The Tahoe and Alita programs is successfully running on MeshBox;
  4. The distributed communication project Scuttlebutt is being installed and debugged on MeshBox. Scuttlebutt is a decentralized social platform that allows data transmission between friends without any central server.
  5. The distributed storage project YottaChain is being installed and debugged on MeshBox.

An outdoor coverage distance test was arranged before Tesla FCC certification, and Tesla met the specifications and data requirements. Ideas of the later stage was discussed with company advisors.

Awaiting for the ordering of the adapter factory samples, other preparations for Tesla FCC have been completed.

Maxwell’s SRRC certification:

Awaiting to receive the test report next week, and start the text work after the review is completed, subsequently submit the certification application to the SRRC.

1. Former Huawei R&D Director, Huawei-3Com Vice President Mr. Wang Feng joined the MeshBox Foundation as an advisor. Mr. Wang said that he was very happy to work with MeshBox and SmartMesh team to promote the decentralized last mile network access solution, helping users in remote and underdeveloped areas to obtain more comprehensive network and information services, and achieve global Internet of Everything.

2. The monthly meeting of GTI, MeshBox and SmartMesh is held over the weekend. Both parties will deepen cooperation and jointly build the ABIOT platform. The ABIOT platform is a comprehensive platform integrating AI, BlockChain, and IOT technologies. The platform will also interface with the BSN blockchain service network. The BSN blockchain service network is top-level planning by the National Information Center. China UnionPay and China Mobile use relevant blockchain technology and existing network resources and data centers for independent research and development and successful deployment. They are national blockchain service infrastructure platforms across public networks, regions, and institutions. Access to the BSN network is a strategic consideration for the interconnection of domestic blockchains. The ABIOT platform will also make full use of blockchain, distributed storage, distributed computing, distributed communications and other technologies to develop a variety of unique platform applications and to create a world-leading public IOT solution.

  1. NDA for the collaboration with Yotta Chain is in the process of signing. MeshBox has provided Openwrt’s Docker environment for Yotta Chain, and the two parties are co-adjusting.
  2. The distributed communication project Scuttlebutt, which has been verified on MeshBox, enables communication without a centralized server. It laid a good foundation for the future use of MeshBox in the field of emergency communications.

5. Distributed computing project Alita runs successfully on MeshBox. Alita is a Huobi Lab incubation project. The founder, Mr. Luo, visited the company on January 3rd and demonstrated the operation of Alita distributed computing (including MeshBox nodes).

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