MeshBox Biweekly Report(2020.01.27-2020.02.07)

At the beginning of the decade, a new coronavirus epidemic fell to Wuhan and ravaged our land. The arrival of this uninvited guest brought endless dimness and grief to the beginning of the Lunar year of 2020. The whistle blower of the outbreak, Dr. Li Wenliang of Wuhan Central Hospital, died last night from infection with a new type of novel coronavirus, leaving the world in deep grief.

Dr. Li Wenliang, thank you for trying to save the earth!


Text in photo: Dear friends, from now on I may be uncontactable, because I am going to save the earth – Dr. Li WenLiang, 2012.12.21.


In the face of the epidemic, Chinese people unite and struggle to win the battle of this century’s plague. Believing in the strength of the Chinese government, its people, and in the cooperation and support of international friends from countries and regions, the victory ultimately belongs to mankind. May the world return to its peaceful development!

In order to end the epidemic as soon as possible, all R&D personnel of MeshBox in China are also self-isolated at home. But the isolation of the physical world cannot isolate the connection of the blockchain world. Dr. Peter Yan, CEO of MeshBox, has collaborated remotely in Dallas, USA, and organized several international conference calls to promote the regular progress of the MeshBox project.

Here are the specifics of this week:

MeshBox system software upgrade project, the system will be upgraded from OpenWRT17 to OpenWRT19, Web configuration management module is being transplanted.

Tesla FCC certification:

Currently in the FCC certification phase, the equipment, auxiliary test parts, test preparations, basic operation manuals and other equipment required for certification have been mailed to the laboratory designated by the certification company years ago. At present, the laboratory engineers of the certification company have not returned to the laboratory due to the holiday extension. We continue to wait for the laboratory personnel to come to carry out our products for careful operation and maintain contact with the laboratory to perform support during the test.

As with the Tesla project, engineers from the laboratory and partners will return to work after the epidemic is over.

  1. CEO of Meshbox Peter Yan, Advisor Henry Wang, Director Chia Hock Lai and Singapore intern Fiona held a conference call with the lawyer from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to understand the application process and requirements of the payment services license. As pointed out by MeshBox advisor Professor David Lee, the main business of SmartMesh and MeshBox such as networking, network sharing, storage sharing, using SMT and MESH to pay for network bandwidth, storage and network services, and purchasing products using SMT and MESH do not require license application. Only companies that conduct direct dealings in cryptocurrencies need to apply for payment services license. Cryptocurrency dealing refers to directly providing OTC buying and selling for tokens in fiat currencies or providing exchange services. Since users buy SMT and MESH tokens from other exchanges and SmartMesh and MeshBox do not sell tokens directly to users, there is no need to apply for licenses.

However, before the global integration of the space-ground network is realized, SmartMesh and MeshBox are the only ecosystems that can provide blockchain services to communities without the internet and electricity. When users are unable to access any exchanges, SmartMesh and MeshBox are required to provide OTC functions and even decentralized exchange functions. In the long run, when deploying products to these emerging markets, MAS payment services licenses will be essential for SmartMesh and MeshBox. It meets SmartMesh’s goal of bringing inclusive connectivity and inclusive finance to communities around the world. Therefore, SmartMesh plans to launch an application for a MAS payment license, and a former MAS lawyer will be responsible for the application.

  1. MeshBox CEO Peter Yan, advisor Henry Wang and Singapore intern Fiona held a web conference with Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) to discuss on the collaboration for an upcoming competition at the university. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, the killer app in the Internet era when he was a college student. Can Singapore’s university students create a new generation of killer apps in the blockchain era?

The competition will allow students to use the blockchain facilities provided by SmartMesh, MeshBox, and Living Lab for brainstorming, to achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship and innovation, and to allow SMT and MESH tokens to circulate effectively in universities. Students will get to design a DAPP application for the Living Lab project. The competition will be conducted in three stages, namely the documentation of ideas, the designing of the UI interface, and the implementation of applications with the technical support of SmartMesh. MeshBox CEO Peter Yan prepared and submitted an initial documentation on the details of the competition.

In addition, the conference also discussed other possible collaboration with SUSS, including a series of SmartMesh workshop seminars and other collaborations such as SUSS students applying for opportunities to work and contribute in SmartMesh and Meshbox.

  1. MeshBox CEO Peter Yan, advisor Henry Wang, and Singapore intern Fiona held a web conference with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) REIDS Energy Research Institute to discuss on the project collaboration on the Semakau Island. Professor Choo of NTU said that there is great potential to connect SmartMesh and MeshBox technology to the REIDS project on the island, allowing the microgrid to support energy transactions. These multi-microgrid systems can be used in islands, urban or remote communities. REIDS is funded by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). At present, many industry partners are working on the microgrid and ICT projects on the Semakau Island. The multifaceted workshop originally planned to be held in February will be held after the end of the novel coronavirus epidemic.

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