MeshBox Biweekly Report(2020.05.16-2020.05.29)

According to the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), the number of IoT connections globally will reach 25.2 billion by 2025. Satellite Internet will help enable such global interconnection. Although global interconnectivity is the general trend, there are various problems such as different network architecture, high construction and maintenance costs, inconsistent data compatibility, scattered and complex data, difficulty in coordinating data, centralised data, and data that are unencrypted etc. Problems and threats are everywhere (The 2020 Unit 42 IoT threat report shows that 98% of IoT device traffic is currently unencrypted, and 57% of IoT devices are vulnerable to moderate or strong attacks.)… These are hindering interconnectivity deployment.

Using satellite internet and ground networks as a foundation, HyperMesh builds three-dimensional global interconnectivity. Supporting many wireless coverage technologies, it solves the problem of network deployment speed in space and time. Building on the HyperMesh architecture, the MeshBox team is designing a new MESH incentive mechanism, adhering to the bottom-up network construction concept, greatly reducing network construction and maintenance costs. Promoting research based on wireless coverage, MeshBox supports the HyperMesh architecture and further improves on the speed of network deployment to build a global Internet and Internet of Things communication network.

Singapore SUNSHINE Living Lab SUSS-SmartMesh Blockchain Workshops and the 2020 Singapore University Student Blockchain Challenge Competition plans have been published. The seminars, workshops and contests may seem to be only a university activity, but is, in fact, a pilot for the establishment of the HyperMesh Internet of Things and MESH token circulation in Singapore.

Here are the specifics of this week:


Software Development
1. The MeshBox system provides support for the docker environment and upgrades the wireless driver and firmware driver.

  1. Fixed bugs in MeshBox system and optimized the program.


Software Test


2020-05-25   16:10:14   v1.2.5.611


2020-05-25   16:10:53   v2.2.5.612


2020-05-25   16:11:00   v3.2.5.613


Formulated MAC address specification for equipment

Fixed issues encountered when using mass production tools

Fixed issues that some wifi clients face

Fixed the issue of icons not displaying after switching to client mode in some cases

Optimized collection of diagnostic information script

Optimized device networking monitoring script

Eliminated warning when integrating into ath10k

Integrated smc automatic restart script

Optimized to adapt to Firefox browser

Optimized update_version script

Optimized device diagnostic information script

Optimized process monitor script


Research Work

Research on TEE trusted computing environment based on distributed computing.

Certification work

In the FCC certification, after the preliminary test results are reviewed, other parts of the supplementary test have been tested and qualified. The certification work was carried out in the same period, and  the first submission has been completed as planned.

  1. Research on the MESH incentive mechanism. Discussed the design of building rewards network, data rewards, and operator reward schemes.
  2. Product design for SUSS Living Lab Workshop

1. MeshBox CEO Peter, Advisor Henry Wang, and marketing manager Marilyn had a Zoom video conference with Philippines LiberaTrade company’s CEO Max and Head of Engineering Bermil. LiberaTrade is an AI-based supply chain financial startup, headquartered in Manila, with paying customers in Hong Kong. This is the first exchange between the two parties. LiberaTrade presented their project in a Zoom call. Considering the network situation in the Philippines, they hope that MeshBox can solve the network issue in the target market for their project. The IoT ecosystem formed by MeshBox and SmartMesh is also crucial for supply chain financing.

2. Professor David Lee, Vice President of the Singapore Economic Association, recently delivered a speech on the theme “Economy and Opportunities in the Post-COVID world” at the activities of the Youth Digital Economy Group of the Singapore Economic Association. In his speech, Professor Lee deeply analyzed the reconstruction and digital transformation of the economic pattern in the post- COVID world. Taking SmartMesh and MeshBox ecosystem as examples, he explained the new opportunities that blockchain brings to the world. Officials from the United Nations Development Program even mentioned that Professor Lee’s speech was very deep and insightful!

3. MeshBox advisor Henry Wang, marketing manager Marilyn, Malaysia StockBox Capital CEO Alex and StockBox Capital Indonesia partner, Irvan had a Zoom video conference. The two sides exchanged views on the current status of satellite Internet development in Indonesia and Malaysia. StockBox Capital said it will connect with operators in Indonesia and Malaysia to facilitate Meshbox’s deployment in Southeast Asia.

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